A Little Turkey Day Grin

I remember vividly watching this as a kid (who let me stay up that late on a Saturday night?). A seasonal bit of silliness with the brilliant Paul Simon to get us all in the mood for Thanksgiving tomorrow & remind us that it’s okay not to take one’s self “so seriously”…

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

I suppose other people plan these things out, agonizing well in advance over how one might set a lovely Thanksgiving table. I am not one of those people. However, faced with the¬†clan¬†arriving in two days, I thought I’d seek a bit of inspiration on how I might spice up the look this year, primarily using things I already have or that might be easy to scrounge up, paired with botanical seasonal touches. These were a few of my favorite finds… (To learn more, just click on the image)


Powdery Pumpkins

Forget the orange, folks. (Tangerine Tango is SO last year!) This fall, the autumnal decorating trend eschews a traditional harvest palette in favor of rustic pumpkin accents in a dreamy white. (I’m so sorry I don’t have the original photo credits for these great pics – they’re assembled from Pinterest; so if you’re curious, follow this link.)

White Pumpkin_1 Pumpkin_20White Pumpkin_2 White Pumpkin_3 Pumpkin_19White Pumpkin_4 White Pumpkin_5 White Pumpkin_6 White Pumpkin_7 Pumpkin_18White Pumpkin_9 White Pumpkin_10 White Pumpkin_11 Pumpkin_17White Pumpkin_12 White Pumpkin_13 White Pumpkin_14 White Pumpkin_15 White Pumpkin_16

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