Today’s Track – Pretty Wings, Maxwell

Obviously, I’ve been pretty off my game lately. Five years of publishing darn near every week day, and I’m finding myself suddenly flummoxed by the prospect of keeping up the pace. Part of that’s technical difficulties (really, I’ve GOT to get a non-dinosaur computer!), part of it is a busy work and travel schedule, and part of it is that advent of a Minnesota summer – where one tends to carpe every diem possible to get out in the garden and abandon the screen. Anyway, I’m bouncing back in, and seeing if I can find my groove. So today, a track I’ve had in heavy rotation this spring. Just puts me in a good mood. Pretty Wings by Maxwell from he album BLACKsummers’night, 2009.

Pretty Wings

Today’s Track – Glory, Glory Hallelujah!, The Staple Singers

Glory, Glory, indeed. I’m heading off to Mexico tomorrow to unplug, relax and stick my toes in the sand. I couldn’t be more ready for a real vacation and the chance to “lay my burden down”… Off to rejuvenate! Glory, Glory, Hallelujah by  the Staple Singers from the album Freedom Highway, 1965.

Staple Singlers_FH

Today’s Track – Fortunate, Maxwell

I’m feeling like it’s time to take a moment to count my blessings, a savor the utter bliss of gratitude. Fortunate by Maxwell from the album We Got It Covered, 2003.


Today’s Track – Brand New Day, The Staple Singers

There’s a lot of change going on in this life I’m living, most of which I’m not terribly thrilled about. And a big part of it begins next Monday. So, today’s track is an attempt to spin my thinking towards the positive. Brand New Day by The Staple Singers from The Very Best Of The Staple Singers, 2007 (track originally recorded in 1970).

The Staple Singers

Today’s Track – Music, Leela James

A soulful anthem reminding me how grateful I am to have music in my life – every note… Music by Leela James from the album A Change is Gunna Come, 2005.


Today’s Track – Crown Royal, Jill Scott

I’m frazzled. Work life is spinning madly and it seems virtually inevitable that I won’t be able to deliver on my epic project load – let alone come up with anything truly extraordinary. All of which makes me hyper and stressed out and all the more unlikely to produce anything brilliant. A familiar vicious cycle, right? So I need a chill pill in the form of a smooth groove to help center myself… and a little Crown Royal probably wouldn’t hurt either. Crown Royal by Jill Scott from the album The Real Thing: Words and Sounds, Volume 3, 2007.


Today’s Track – Sugah Daddy, D’Angelo and the Vanguard

Great new track layering old school R&B with a bit of jazz  Sugah Daddy by D’Angelo and the Vanguard from the album Black Messiah, 2014.


Today’s Track – Do What You Want, Aya

A very creamy blend of R&B and electronica makes a feather soft serenade that seems right for this fall day. Do What You Want by Aya from the album Strange Flower, 2004.

Aya Strange Flower Album Art


Today’s Track – Bloodstyle, Caroline Smith

Something easy, soft and mellow today. Bloodstyle by Caroline Smith from the album Half About Being A Woman, 2013.

half about being a woman caroline smith

Today’s Track – All I Need, Al Green

Oh, yeah. Today’s all about easy R&B. And while it’s a love song, it also gets me to thinking about what it is that I actually need. And right now, it’s to be in the moment; allowing myself to be totally blissed out. Give it a go. All I Need by Al Green from the album Lay it Down, 2008.


Today’s Track – Little Man, Sia

Sia’s one of my all time favorites, so I couldn’t resist sharing this oft overlooked track today. Quiet and catchy with a nice dose of soul… Little Man by Sia from the album Healing is Difficult, 2003.

SIA_Healing Is Difficult

Today’s Track – Nothing Compares to You, Prince & Rosie Gaines

This one’s for my honey in honor of Valentine’s Day. Just simply my favorite love song of all time. Nothing Compares to You by Prince from the album The B-Sides, 1993.


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