Today’s Track – A Moor – Raleigh Ritchie

In honor of the  kick off of the new season of Game of Thrones, how ’bout a little something from Grayworm himself? A Moor by Raleigh Ritchie from the album You’re a Man Now, Boy, 2016.


Today’s Track – Love & War, Anthony Hamilton & Macy Gray

One of my favorite duets of late. Love and War by Anthony Hamilton and Macy Gray from the album Soulife, 2005.


Today’s Track: A La Modeliste (Bonobo Remix)

I can listen to this one for hours. A La Modeliste with Erykah Badu & Trombone Shorty – produced by Mark Ronson – from the Re:Generation Music Project, 2012.





Today’s Track – Exceptional, Babyface

Because 2016 is (thankfully) coming to a close, and a lovely new year is coming our way this weekend to replace it. I’m hoping it is, as the song goes, exceptional. Wishing you all a very happy new year! Exceptional by Babyface from the album Return of the Tender Lover, 2015.


Today’s Track – Pretty Wings, Maxwell

Obviously, I’ve been pretty off my game lately. Five years of publishing darn near every week day, and I’m finding myself suddenly flummoxed by the prospect of keeping up the pace. Part of that’s technical difficulties (really, I’ve GOT to get a non-dinosaur computer!), part of it is a busy work and travel schedule, and part of it is that advent of a Minnesota summer – where one tends to carpe every diem possible to get out in the garden and abandon the screen. Anyway, I’m bouncing back in, and seeing if I can find my groove. So today, a track I’ve had in heavy rotation this spring. Just puts me in a good mood. Pretty Wings by Maxwell from he album BLACKsummers’night, 2009.

Pretty Wings

Today’s Track – Fortunate, Maxwell

I’m feeling like it’s time to take a moment to count my blessings, a savor the utter bliss of gratitude. Fortunate by Maxwell from the album We Got It Covered, 2003.


Today’s Track – Dance, 3 Winans Brothers

Why not dance in the new year tonight? Dance (Louis Vega funk house remix) by the 3 Winans Brothers (featuring the Clark Sisters) from the album Dance, 2015.


Today’s Track – Lavish, Mark Rae

I find myself in need of a smooth yet toe-tapping beat today. Lavish (Deadbeats Remix) by Mark Rae from the album of the same name, 2002.



Today’s Track – Brand New Day, The Staple Singers

There’s a lot of change going on in this life I’m living, most of which I’m not terribly thrilled about. And a big part of it begins next Monday. So, today’s track is an attempt to spin my thinking towards the positive. Brand New Day by The Staple Singers from The Very Best Of The Staple Singers, 2007 (track originally recorded in 1970).

The Staple Singers

Today’s Track – 7, Prince

The Philippines and Vietnam are now in my rear view mirror, and I’m newly settled in to quarters in India. It’s an amazing journey; wonderfully inspirational and a much needed jolt from my daily routines. But I have to admit, I’m getting pretty homesick over here. So today calls for something familiar – something from home – something that reminds me of my roots… So, that has to be Prince. And since I’ve got a week left before heading back to the states, it could only be one track… 7 by Prince from the Love Symbol album, 1992.



Today’s Track – It Girl, Pharrell Williams

I took today off work to do some serious spring cleaning. In the process, I seem to have created more chaos and messes than I had to start with. Which means I need to crank some tunes that are energizing enough to keep me moving, but chill enough to keep me from stressing out about the predicament I’ve gotten myself into. This one should do just fine. Now, back to the basement!! It Girl by Pharrell Williams from the album G I R L, 2014.

GIRL Pharrell Williams

Today’s Track – Music, Leela James

A soulful anthem reminding me how grateful I am to have music in my life – every note… Music by Leela James from the album A Change is Gunna Come, 2005.


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