Today’s Track – Breathe Don’t Stop, Mr. On vs. Jungle Brothers

I’ve been completely absorbed in a hot project for the past week or so, and today marks my intersection with the light at the end of the tunnel! So I’m in one of those moods where you wanna dance (badly) around your living room in a state of delirium and utter bliss. And this is my chosen soundtrack… Breathe Don’t Stop by Dr. On vs. Jungle Brothers from the single of the same name, 2004.

Breathe Dont Stop


Today’s Track – A Long Day, Mally

I figured since I’m featuring all these local houses this week, I should share some local musical talent too. My selection of Mally (Malik Watkins) – an absolutely amazing south-Minneapolis based hip hop artist – though, seems in vast juxtaposition to the suburban swank pictured in the surrounding posts. But that’s the thing about life; it’s everything. At least mine is. A little this, a little that. An eclectic and authentic assortment of passions and peculiarities means never becoming a cliché, right? A Long Day by Mally from the album The Colors of Black, 2014.

Mally_Colors of Black Album Art

Today’s Track – The Only One, Danger Mouse & Jemini

I’m in Atlanta today, on a frenzied trend-hunting mission through the eclectic boutique retail in the area. So I thought I’d feature one of my favorite artist/producers who got his start in Atlanta during his teens before heading off to London to hone his craft. The Only One by Danger Mouse & Jemini from the album Ghetto Pop Life, 2003. NSFW!

Ghetto Pop Life

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