3 Years!

I’m celebrating an anniversary of sorts today…

Blue Bergitt Blog Post #1

Yup, it’s been three years since I started this blog, thus beginning a daily tradition of sharing stuff by amazingly creative and inspiring talents that I just adore. It’s been fun, and daunting, and a labor of love. I clearly remember a day early on when I reached 60 followers, and totally freaked; “OMG! There are all these people reading my blog!” I totally felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility to deliver fresh and inspiring content. And I still do.

So, thank you, readers. Thank you. I appreciate you all so much. You keep me motivated to explore and discover, and share what I find. Hope you enjoy the snippets and bits too.

This week, I’ll be celebrating by revisiting a few of my favorite posts featuring amazing creative talents from the earliest days of this blog.




Un Petit Luxe.

When I was in high school, I wore Chanel Lipstick in a color called Tibet. It was a bright, obnoxious, purple-cast fuchsia with a hint of sparkle. It came in a bright blue tube, and was my pride and joy. Let’s be clear, I had very little money. Luxury items were simply not part of the equation back then. Well… save one, that is. Yes, that tube of Tibet cost 5X the amount of a drugstore version. But that amounted to, say, at the time, $12 bucks. Without sacrificing much, I could treat myself to an exceptional product that would make me feel wonderful everyday. I guess that’s when it began; the idea that little luxuries are often within reach.

Mon amie, le Trou.

I’ve just returned from an incredible stay in Provence, France; a trip for which I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to take. One little snafu; my luggage – apparently drawn to the lifestyle – took up residence in Amsterdam rather than accompanying me to France. For 6 days, I did without. This was not the first time such an event occurred; as a matter of fact, it was the third in recent history where a layover at Schiphol delayed my thoughtfully packed sachel. (Delta, what do you have to say for yourself? Hmm?) Needless to say, this wasn’t completely unexpected, so I had a well edited collection of essentials in my petite carry on. Cell phone charger, euro adapter, one city-worthy outfit with shoes, pashmina (I do not care one whit that they are no longer the height of fashion; they are immensely useful), cosmetics, laptop, a good book and the one item I would genuinely loathe to try to find in Paris, a swim suit.

While my clever planning would get me through a day in Paris without having to stage an encore of my yoga attire from the plane, it most certainly would not be appropriate for my stay in the countryside. I had 2 hours in Paris to shop before we headed south. Now normally, I welcome unexpected shopping occasions; especially in Europe. Though for a woman who is “above average” at a size 18, it can be tricky and time consuming. I’m typically up for the challenge, and able to find a few exceptional treasures. But this was different. I had to be practical. I had to shop for a stint poolside, going for walks in lavender fields, gardening and fending off scorpions. I had to be fast and it had to fit.

Which brings me to the part that I’m sort of mortified to admit. See, I couldn’t just walk into Bon Marche or Colette to find the right thing. Instead, I went to Gap Body on the Champs Elysees. That’s right. I said it. I went to Paris and shopped at the Gap. It’s my cross to bear. Bless you, Gap, for having everything I expected you would have.

Just a thought

Can something be done about the word “Fashionista”? Could we ban together to outlaw its use? What once was a sort of cute and telling expression (when used in moderation) now sounds profoundly cheesy. Yet, alarmingly, it doesn’t appear to be going away. Like “Diva” before her, this linguistic fad is O-V-E-R, and definitely ready for a reinvention. Also: Fierce. I could be done with that too.

RIP Triangle Studios

One of the reasons I started this blog was to highlight the amazing design talents out there who create dreamy products for specialty retail. Without whom, well, eventually we’d be left with only the choices available to us at Bed Bath & Beyond. That’s a bleak prognosis. I remember, years ago, a fabulous company called Triangle Studios that I stumbled upon at the New York Gift Fair. They produced extraordinary cotton voile shower curtains – modern, simple. (I own two of them, as well as a host of window coverings and table runners of their design.) And then – poof – they were gone. That was a sad, sad day. They had provided fabulous solutions for a woefully underserved market niche (one that exists to this day). Sure, they were spendy, but in the end, not enough design-minded people even knew about them to support the business. I intend to highlight Brilliant Brands and Indie Designers with the hopes that you’ll find the fashions, decor, gifts and stationery products as irresistible as I do, and we can keep them in business for a long, long time.

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