2016 Artisan Home Tour – part 1

I love stomping around the city, peering into homes far out of my reach, and imagining possibilities. The Artisan Home tour provides the chance to see the work of local builders and designers, on projects most of us would only dream of! Yes, one can get a bit of a complex touring these multi-million $ homes (um, yes, I do), but at the same time, it’s totally inspiring because there are ideas that you totally can apply to your own home. Here’s a few pics from the tour last weekend:

Shopping Minneapolis – part 1

My apologies; I’ve been off my game a bit lately. There are some diabolical (well, to me anyway…) new incompatibilities between my trusty old desktop computer and a new blogging interface that I’m sorting through. In the mean time, I’m posting from my iPad until I get it all figured out. Anyway, I thought I’d share a few pics from a shopping trip through Minneapolis last week. Pretty inspiring stuff right here in my own back yard! (Now, if they were only in my house!) A list of shopping sites follows the images. Enjoy! 

Today’s Track – Music for Boys, The Suburbs

An anthem from way back when will do well to capture the mood on this sweltering summer’s day. Music For Boys by the Suburbs from the album Credit in Heaven, 1981.

Suburbs creditinheaven

2015 MN Artisan Home Tour – part 1

Spent a day exploring fancy new builds around the Twin a Cities area last week. Lots of great inspiration, of course, but it came at a cost: I now totally have a complex about my own 100+ year old house, which was built without massive closets, a fancy laundry room, a screened in patio with fireplace and no basketball court to speak of. Even my doorknobs seem inferior. Sigh. Still, she’s home sweet home and I’m grateful to cozy up in her everyday. Here’s a peek at some of the other spaces around town…


Today’s Track – 7, Prince

The Philippines and Vietnam are now in my rear view mirror, and I’m newly settled in to quarters in India. It’s an amazing journey; wonderfully inspirational and a much needed jolt from my daily routines. But I have to admit, I’m getting pretty homesick over here. So today calls for something familiar – something from home – something that reminds me of my roots… So, that has to be Prince. And since I’ve got a week left before heading back to the states, it could only be one track… 7 by Prince from the Love Symbol album, 1992.



Art in Bloom

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to see a flower show, of sorts. Each year, the museum celebrates spring by inviting local floral artists to create over 150 arrangements, designed to interpret the diverse artworks in the museum’s collection. Here’s a little sampling…



Parading Around Town

Spent the day touring a few of the houses featured in Minneapolis’ Parade of Homes showcase last month. Definitely a mixed bag; some good, some bad, some downright ugly. Here’s a taste of some of the good stuff…



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