Today’s Track – Lauren, Men I Trust

This song has been in constant rotation as I’ve been traveling around Europe this week. A mellow yet slightly uptempo tune that gently reminds me “I can’t stay forever”… Lauren – the single – by Men I Trust, 2016.



Today’s Track – Lovely Day, alt-J

Wow. So, back to reality this week after some time off has proved slightly more chaotic than one would like… I suppose I should have mentally prepared better for life beyond lounging in yoga pants, leisurely lunches with friends and binge watching Game of Thrones. Work just seems quite busy in comparison, no? So, something so so soothing on this lovely day. Lovely Day by alt-J from the album This is All Yours, 2014.



Today’s Track -10,000 Emerald Pools, BØRNS

Not sure why I had to travel to Europe to discover this Los Angeles-via-Michigan artist, but I’m glad I did. Another Shazam win! 10,000 Emerald Pools by BØRNS from the album Dopamine, 2015.


Today’s Track – The Past and the Pending, The Shins

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, which is actually when I have the most dedicated time to just chill under the earphones. This track’s been in constant rotation as a mellowing agent… The Past and the Pending by the Shins from the album Oh, Inverted World, 2001.


Today’s Track – Saint Claude, Christine and the Queens

Shazammed this just-released track in France earlier this year whilst enjoying an escargot sandwhich. Yup – tasty. Saint Claude by Christine and the Queens from the album Chaleur Humaine, 2016.


Today’s Track – Later, Balthazar

A tune out of Belgium today; shazammed in Antwerp last fall while exploring the magnificence of the city. Later by Balthazar from the album Rats, 2012.


Today’s Track – Think I’m in Love, Beck

I bought myself a new (well, new to me) car yesterday. Now, this is a truly unusual event, as I’ve had my current car for nearly 15 years and love it dearly. But I finally decided that I simply can’t take another Minnesota winter without four wheel drive. And so I reluctantly made the leap to something practical – yet cute – that also comes with the highly anticipated luxury of heated seats. I Think I’m In Love by Beck from the album The Information, 2006.

Beck the Information

Todays Track – Willie, Cat Power

This is the perfect track for a rainy day as summer turns to fall. Enjoy. Willie by Cat Power From the album The Greatest, 20016.


Today’s Track – Miss Misery, Elliot Smith

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Okay, well maybe “Miss Misery” is a tad on the dramatic side, but I certainly have a sense of ennui today. A bit cranky and listless. Uninspired. And I suppose even a little lonely now that the house guests are gone and the birthdays are over… So indulge me in one melancholy tune to get it out of my system. Miss Misery by Elliot Smith from the album New Moon, 2007. (Published posthumously; most tracks recorded between 1994 – 1997)

Elliot Smith New Moon Album

Today’s Track – Music for Boys, The Suburbs

An anthem from way back when will do well to capture the mood on this sweltering summer’s day. Music For Boys by the Suburbs from the album Credit in Heaven, 1981.

Suburbs creditinheaven

Today’s Track – Asheville Home, The Humble Grapes

Tomorrow I head out on a little adventure with girlfriends from college – to Asheville North Carolina. Random? A bit, I suppose. But I understand it’s an awesome town surrounded by some pretty stunning nature, and I’m looking forward to taking in as much as possible over the course of the next 5 days. I’ve been putting together an appropriate play list (as is my MO for our girls’ road trips) to set the proper mood in the rental car. Here’s a taste… Asheville Home by The Humble Grapes from their self-titled album, 2014.



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