Today’s Track – Snakes In the Grass, The Essex Green

Aaah, Home Sweet Home. So happy by the prospect of sleeping in my own bed after a couple weeks in hotels halfway around the world! So today, something to stave off the jet lag… Snakes in the Grass by The Essex Green from the album Cannibal Sea, 2006.

Essex Green Cannibal Sea


Today’s Track – Can’t Get You Out of My Mind, Sonya Kitchell

I’m in a lovey-dovey mood today. This weekend, the hubby and I celebrate our 13-year wedding anniversary – a wedding that seems like it happened yesterday. Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind by Sonya Kitchell from the album Words Came Back To Me, 2006.

Sonya Kitchell Album Art


Today’s Track – Dangerous (featuring Joywave), Big Data

Just back from a couple days in NYC, so I figured some tunes out of Brooklyn would be appropriate today. Dangerous (featuring Joywave) – the single – by Big Data.

Big Data Dangerous Album Art

Today’s Track – Ta Douleur, Camile

To celebrate Maison et Objet’s opening day tomorrow, I thought I’d share a new French favorite. I have our taxi driver in Paris to thank for introducing me to this lyrical piece last week, which I’ve had in constant rotation ever since! Ta Douleur by Camile from the album Le Fil, 2005.


Today’s Track – Porcelain, Moby

Today, I’m craving something comfortingly familiar – with enough energy to get me going, but not so much that it makes me crazy. Perfect solution: Porcelain by Moby from the album Play, 1999.

Today’s Track – Meant, Elizaveta

It’s quite possible I’m somewhat obsessing with the concept of destiny these days. More as it relates to vocational fate than love and life, but still. Meant by Elizaveta from her self-titled album, 2011.

Elizaveta Album Art


Today’s Track – Little Man, Sia

Sia’s one of my all time favorites, so I couldn’t resist sharing this oft overlooked track today. Quiet and catchy with a nice dose of soul… Little Man by Sia from the album Healing is Difficult, 2003.

SIA_Healing Is Difficult

Today’s Track – Golden Age, TV on the Radio

Thought this dance track was apropos for ushering in the new year. Lots has been written about what the lyrics really mean, but I think it’s essentially a message of optimism for the future. And I like that.

“The age of miracles, the age of sound
Well, there’s a golden age
Comin’ round, comin’ round, comin’ round”

Golden Age by TV on the Radio from the album Dear Science, 2008.


Today’s Track – What Child is This, Downhere

‘Tis the season, as they say, and I for one can already use a break from the typical Christmas fare they’re piping into every shop, restaurant, salon and elevator I’ve stepped into over the past couple weeks. This one is definitely an outsider, with its simple guitar, French refrains and religious embrace. What Child Is This by Downhere from the album How Many Kings, 2010.

downhere how many kings album

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