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One of my all time favorites! Egg Press is a greeting card company, design studio and letterpress print shop based in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1999, they are considered one of the pioneers in the resurgence of letterpress printing. They’re often noted for a sophisticated color palette, hand drawn illustrations, all-over textile inspired patterns, and sense of humor. They design and produce all of their greeting cards and small-batch textiles in-house. (All cards are $5.50/each or $17.50/box 6 – As always, click to shop!)


Ceramics from Spain

Maevo Studio Logo

Love these gentle ceramic pieces from Barcelona’s Maevo Studio.

Maevo designs and creates unique ceramic objects, made by hand. My process involves mixing different types of clays and minerals to produce one of a kind objects inspired by nature and the soft sedimentary layers that make up our landscape.

Ceramic Beaker, $27.12
Ceramic Bowl, $33.01
Ceramic Beaker, $27.12
Ceramic Pot, $25.94

Modern Cre8tive


Amazing – handcrafted furniture that’s not only beautifully designed, but not unspeakably spendy. Moderncre8ve is located in Cleveland Ohio, and specializes in Modern and Midcentury Modern hardwood furniture. All pieces are handmade one at a time, using locally sourced hardwood lumber from Amish country, as well as steel made in the Cleveland area. (As always, click to shop!)

Moderncre8ve’s philosophy harkens back when to when we were young. Our dad built our first house from the ground up, and built all of our furniture when we were kids. Growing up in this enviroment instilled in us early on that furniture is something that should not only serve a function and form; but be something that is timeless, beautiful, and most importantly; something that is made with love and care.

The Santa Monica Dining Table, $1949
The Mila Dining Table, $2700
The Greenpoint Desk, $2800


The April v.2 Coffee Table, $1499
The Yoshi Live Edge Coffee Table, $1500
The Bosco Bed, $2875

Dyed and Gone to Hudson

Fig_Bella_Home_Collection_BannerI had the pleasure of visiting Hudson, NY last week where I discovered so many wonderful little shops! One that I found irresistible (and that did a bit of damage to my pocketbook) was Fig & Bella. They create scarves, wraps, pillows, textiles that are each individually handmade using a modern interpretation of traditional dyeing techniques.

Every Fig & Bella wool, silk, viscose, & tie dye cashmere scarf is individually dyed by hand in the Hudson Valley. All of our pillows are also dyed in our studio, and our candles are hand poured in the USA. Our cashmere is carefully sourced from master artisans and dyers in Nepal, with whom we work closely to produce only the finest quality scarves.

Pillows Start at $60; scarves at $89 (As always, click to shop!)



Back to Collage

Stumbled upon these beautiful collages created by Australian artist Lee McKenna, and found them irresistible and inspiring. Check out more of her work on Tumblr or by visiting Boom Gallery.

My collages embrace the imperfection of old, used, discarded and damaged paper. These papers depict moments in time – often bearing marks and traces of a past life and the human hand. I ‘rescue’ these unwanted fragments, creating layers and building connections into some sort of new, elusive and unpredictable thing. The process is wholly tactile – nothing is digital. I like the restrictions that this creates… the hand-cutting and gluing down, the use of only original papers and ephemera. Elements are added or removed, or covered over and reworked. Ideas and narratives may emerge, but often a series is initiated through the acquisition of a certain type of raw material – an old photo album, a stash of old maps, a pile of old postcards…

Lee Collages

Norman’s Printery

Norman's Printery

The holidays may be over, but occasions to wrap thoughtful treasures for others still abound throughout the year. I’m loving these designs from Norman’s Printery, a little Easy shop out of Northern New Jersey run by designer/maker/printer Cliff Cordes. It’s awesome that the assorted collections layer so nicely together – making for a fun, multiple gift assortment. (As always, click to shop!)

Mid-Century Modern Collection - 12 sheets (2 each of 6 designs) on recycled kraft paper, $14
Mid-Century Modern Collection – 12 sheets (2 each of 6 designs) 13″ x 19″ on recycled kraft paper, $14
1800's English Patterns Collection - 12 sheets (2 each of 6 designs) on recycled kraft paper, $14
1800’s English Patterns Collection / Cool – 12 sheets of recycled newsprint paper (2 each of 6 designs) 13″ x 19″, $14
Black & White Speckled - 12 sheets of recycled newsprint paper (6 each of 2 designs) 13" x 19", $14
Black & White Speckled – 12 sheets of recycled newsprint paper (6 each of 2 designs) 13″ x 19″, $14
Plaid Collection -
Plaid Collection – 12 sheets of 13″ x 19″ recycled newsprint (3 each of 4 designs), $14
Brushed Dots - 12 sheets of 13" x 9" recycled newsprint, $14
Brushed Dots – 12 sheets of 13″ x 19″ recycled newsprint, $14
Spring Art Nouveau Collection - 12 sheets (2 each of 6 designs) 13" x 19" on recycled kraft paper, $14
Spring Art Nouveau Collection – 12 sheets (2 each of 6 designs) 13″ x 19″ on recycled kraft paper, $14
Organic Geometry in Metallic Copper Collection - 12 sheets of 13" x 19" recycled newsprint (3 each of 4 designs), $14
Organic Geometry in Metallic Copper Collection – 12 sheets of 13″ x 19″ recycled newsprint (3 each of 4 designs), $14



Lucky for Us!


Simple, organic, understated… that’s how I’d describe these beautiful ceramic pieces by The Netherlands artist, Margriet Kramer. (as always, click to shop!)

So my products are not perfect. Perfection doesn’t suit me, not in my house, not in my lifestyle, not in my ceramic products. Infact: imperfection is beauty to me!

Little Plate 8cm, $12
Little Plate 8cm, $12
White Mug, $22
White Mug, $22
Matte White Oval Plate, $29
Matte White Oval Plate, $29
White Plate 12 cm, $22
White Plate 12 cm, $22
Set of 2 Plates, $54
Set of 2 Plates, $54
White Mugs, $22
White Mugs, $22

Tempting Tiles


Mosaic House is a New York based tile company specializing in a variety of Moroccan tiles; hand-painted, cement, mosaic, chiseled and wood. As the newest generation in a centuries old family of tile makers, they draw upon the traditional craft expertise of Morocco, while embracing a modern taste for texture and design. If you poke around on the site a bit, you’ll find videos showing how each tile is made, like THIS. Amazing.

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