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I don’t often share my own work on this blog – it’s way more fun to celebrate other people! But today, I’m making an exception. See, I’m delighted by the way my latest decor run for Threshold @ Target turned out, and humbled by the great response it’s been getting. So I thought I’d show how it began, about a year ago, with these two pieces of inspiration:



These images became my muses (I’m sorry to say, I don’t know the original sources). In my head, I saw a collection that was warm and cozy and autumnal, yet unexpected. Modern, yet easy and comfortable. Natural, with a bit of sparkle. And now, all these months later, it’s a reality. Here are a few pics…



Many of the “Gold & White” Collection items are available on-line (click HERE if you’d like to check them out), and of course in-store too, but the assortments there are already looking pretty lean.

While we’re talking autumnal decor; I also designed a more traditional assortment with a seasonal palette for those wanting a splash of fall color. (One of my colleagues designed the mercury pumpkins – in copper, gold, silver and white – they make super cute accents for Halloween &/or Thanksgiving!)


Thanks for indulging me in a little personal show & tell and have a great weekend, everyone!


Fall Winter 2014-2015 Fashion Color Trends from Trend Council

Trend Council Logo

Today’s peek at color directions for the Fall Winter 2014-2015 season comes from the Trend Council, a great trend forecasting agency for the fashion industry that provides both analysis and design inspiration.

weconnectfashion logo

Images courtesy of WeConnectFashion, an awesome company that helps fashion companies succeed through business networking, market research & fashion industry know-how.

Trend Council FW1415 COLOR

Trend Council FW1415 Key Color Combo_1 Trend Council FW1415 Key Color Combo_2 Trend Council FW1415 Key Color Combo_3 Trend Council FW1415_Color Blush Trend Council FW1415_Color Brandy Wine Trend Council FW1415_Color Cool Mint Trend Council FW1415_Color Dark Cocoa

Autumn Winter 2014-2015 Trends from Spin Expo

Spin Expo is a tri-annual, yarns, fabrics and knitwear trade fair that takes place in Shanghai and NYC. They’ve also become known for creating very seductive, albeit quite heady, trend forecasts. “Interactions” is their theme unifying the color and fashion trends they’ve identified for the upcoming Autumn Winter 2014-2015 season.

SPINEXPO-AW-14-15 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-01 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-02 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-03 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-04 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-05 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-06 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-07 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-08

Fall Winter 2014-015 Color Trends from CSI

CSI logo

Color Solutions International (CSI) is a division of the DyStar Group, (a leading provider of products and services for the global textile industry) that offers color standards and color communication tools for designers and manufacturers. Located in Charlotte NC, they offer insights on color trends for the fashion and home textiles industry. Today’s post showcases the fashion color trends they have forecasted for the Autumn / Winter 2014 – 2015 season in the intimates category.

“In our Fall / Winter 14/15 Intimates Inspirations we offer our view on the important key colors and color combinations for the season. The rich berry reds, forest green and emerald, with soft blues and contemporary greys, compose the folk art inspired palette of “Zima” (the Slavic word for “winter”). The colors of “Autumnal” are toned down and yet beautiful, carrying the dreamy feel and ambiguous atmosphere of the Art Nouveau style and design.  In “Needles & Pins” deep, saturated shades of blue and burgundy are accented with brights for a modern, edgy feel.  In “Pink All Over”, a palette of rich autumn colors with a splash of fuchsia and pink, speaks to our senses, bringing joy and excitement.”

1(6) 2(6) 3(4) 4(2)

Powdery Pumpkins

Forget the orange, folks. (Tangerine Tango is SO last year!) This fall, the autumnal decorating trend eschews a traditional harvest palette in favor of rustic pumpkin accents in a dreamy white. (I’m so sorry I don’t have the original photo credits for these great pics – they’re assembled from Pinterest; so if you’re curious, follow this link.)

White Pumpkin_1 Pumpkin_20White Pumpkin_2 White Pumpkin_3 Pumpkin_19White Pumpkin_4 White Pumpkin_5 White Pumpkin_6 White Pumpkin_7 Pumpkin_18White Pumpkin_9 White Pumpkin_10 White Pumpkin_11 Pumpkin_17White Pumpkin_12 White Pumpkin_13 White Pumpkin_14 White Pumpkin_15 White Pumpkin_16

Falling for Pillows

Judy Ross logo

Fall Photo

Looking for a way to update your decor for fall in a way that feels luxuriously modern? Well assuming you’ve got a spare $185 bucks handy (which is nutty, I know – but these are SO beautiful!), consider adding one of these gorgeous hand embroidered, chain stitched, 18′ x 18″ Judy Ross pillows to your environment! (As always, click to shop!)

JR Fall Pillow_1 JR Fall Pillow_2 JR Fall Pillow_3 JR Fall Pillow_4 JR Fall Pillow_5 JR Fall Pillow_6 JR Fall Pillow_7 JR Fall Pillow_8

Fall Winter 2014-2015 Textile Trends from MM Trends/Lenzing


Loving this cerebral look ahead by Austrian fiber manufacturer Lenzing and the brilliant folks at MM Trends. Here’s their take on textile trends for the 2014-2015 fall and winter seasons in both fashion and home.

AW14-15_CC_MMtrends3_000 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends4 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends5 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends6 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends7 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends8 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends9_000 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends10 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends11 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends12 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends13 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends14 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends15_000 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends16 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends17 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends18 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends19 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends20

Fall Winter 2014 Women’s Fashion Color Trends from Design Options


From Design Options, a fabulous CA-based color forecasting company: a preview of upcoming Women’s young contemporary fashion color trends for the Fall / Winter 2014 season. Their outlook includes three distinct trends: Double Take, Model Movement and Spell Bound. Yummy!

Images courtesy of WeConnectFashion, an awesome company that helps fashion companies succeed through business networking, market research & fashion industry know-how.


Fall Winter 2013-2014 Fashion Trends via Who’s Next

The folks behind the Who’s Next Prêt-à-Porter Paris trade show compiled this trend forecast as a buyer preview of fall fashion for the 2013-2014 seasons.

Images courtesy of WeConnectFashion, an awesome company that helps fashion companies succeed through business networking, market research & fashion industry know-how.

fw14_1 fw14_2 fw14_3 fw14_4 fw14_5 fw14_6

Fall Winter 2013-14 Trends from MM


A peek just around the corner from MM trends, an international, dynamic and ever evolving collective of creative people possessing different skills: fashion and textile designers, interior architects, art craft persons, illustrators, photographers, trend consultants, and colour experts. Here’s what they’ve compiled as their forecast in textiles for next season.

Edible_1 Edible_2 Edible_3 Elitist_1 Elitist_2 Elitist_3 Magestic_1 Magestic_2 Magestic_3 Storm_1 Storm_2 Storm_3 Synthetic_1 Synthetic_2 Synthetic_3

Fall Winter 2013 Trends from The Ultra Bright


The fine folks at The Ultra Bright prepared this inspiring forecast as a look ahead to showcase the color trends that are starting to emerge for the Fall / Winter 2013 season – and beyond…

FW13 Trend Aubergine_TheUltraBright FW13 Trend Autumnal Gold_TheUltraBright FW13 Trend Blue Poetics_TheUltraBright FW13 Trend Forest Green__TheUltraBright FW13 Trend Mystic Blue_TheUltraBright FW13 Trend Neo-Indigo_TheUltraBright FW13 Trend Neo-Teal_UltraBright FW13 Trend Pink Maroon_TheUltraBright FW13 Trend Un-Reality_TheUltraBright FW13 Trend Winter Pastels_TheUltraBright FW13 X Color Palette_TheUltraBright

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