Today’s Track – Royals, Lorde

Stumbled upon this track and was pretty sure I had discovered some sort of underground hipster haven. Catchy, amusing – and most of all, undiscovered. Turns out (as it almost always does), that this single – by a 16-year old New Zealander – got half a million hits on YouTube last year. So, I’m not exactly the early adopter I thought. Still, I can’t help loving this little anthem. Royals by Lorde from the EP The Love Club, 2013.

Lorde_Album Cover

Today’s Track – Take Your Mama, Scissor Sisters

A little something in honor of Mother’s Day. Son’s and daughters out there, I give you an anthem to encourage a play date with your mom. (Susie, this one’s for Bev!) Take Your Mama by Scissor Sisters from their self-titled album, 2004.

Scissor Sisters Album Art

Today’s Track – Soul Food, Martina Topley-Bird

Day two in London is a power-shopping day. I’m hoping to cover quite a bit of ground – from Covent Garden to Mayfair to Knightsbridge, with a trek down the Kings Road to top things off. To prevent me from getting too hyper-focused on the tasks at hand I’m turning to London’s own Martina Topley-Bird to chill me out so I can savor the experience. Soul Food by Martina Topley-Bird from the album Anything, 2004.

Today’s Track – Pop Art Blue, Zero 7

When I first started listening to this album, I just couldn’t bring myself to fall in love – it was such a departure from their earlier work. Until I let that go. No, this isn’t the same Zero 7 I became enraptured by at the Soho Grand all those years ago, but it’s got it’s own bit of goodness. Pop Art Blue by Zero 7 from the album Yeah Ghost, 2009.


Today’s Track – Foundations, Kate Nash

Continuing this week’s “all London, all the time” theme, today’s track features a youthful, snark-laiden bit of pop from British singer/songwriter Kate Nash (who – technically – was born in Dublin, but grew up in London, so I’ve made the executive decision that she’s plenty London enough). Foundations By Kate Nash from the album of the same name, 2007.

Today’s Track – The Sea, Morcheeba

On a hot, humid summer day like today, there’s really nothing I’d rather do than splash into some lovely ocean waters. However, being that Minneapolis is not terribly convenient to an actual coastline, I’ll have to settle for being washed over by waves of a chill-y bit of Euro trip-hop. The Sea by Morcheeba from the album Big Calm, 1998.

Today’s Track – Freedom, Kirstin Price

I’m proud to say I was able to resist the overwhelming temptation to play a snippet of George Michael today (much to the relief of many of you, I assume) to mark the sentiment of this holiday week. Instead, I’ve opted for a British voice out of Brooklyn with an indie-pop beat. Freedom by Kirstin Price from the album Guts and Garbage, 2008.

Today’s Post – Alright, Jamiroquai

Is there such thing as proper gardening music? For this – my 2012 inaugural day of planting in the back yard – I choose something lite and bouncy. Alright by Jamiroquai from the album Travelling Without Moving, 1996.

Today’s Track – Ruin, Gemma Hayes

Squeeze in some chill time before the weekend’s festivities with an ethereal melody straight from Ireland.  Ruin by Gemma Hayes from the album Let it Break, 2011.

Today’s Track – Down to the Sea, Tim Booth

On this fine day, I find myself oceanside; sipping a savory blendy drink on the beach in Mexico. Yet this trip is less so about reenacting spring breaks from years gone by. Instead, I’m unearthing a bit of inner refreshment; discovering some clarity; reenergizing. Made me think of the lyrics of this song: “My head’s full of self-pity and noise; I need a clean me; I need a new voice”. Yes, this is a very good place to be indeed. Down to the Sea by Tim Booth from the album Bone, 2005.

Today’s Track – Valentine, Martina Topley Bird

I’m so all-together o-v-e-r the clichéd love songs being played relentlessly in honor of Valentines Day next week. Thus, I’m compelled to share something a little more off the beaten path. I know I just recently featured Martina, but her sultry ode to February 14th totally merits some air play this week. Valentine by Martina Topley Bird from the album Some Place Simple, 2010.

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