Today’s Track – American Dream, Jakatta

I thought a peppy dose of aptly named chill (yes, that’s a thing) might be a nice way to kick off the holiday weekend. American Dream by Jakatta from the album Chilled (by Ministry of Sound), 2015.

Chilled Ministry of Sound


Today’s Track – Onto the Light, Adani & Wolf

Something lite and mellow with a deep euro groove to ease us into summer. Onto the Light by Adani & Wolf from the album Le Seigneurs, 2011.


Today’s Track – Getting Away With It, Rose Smith

A little atmospheric electronica out of England today. See, I’m frantically prepping for a two-and-a-half week trip to Asia (bug spray with 50% DEET? Check…), and need a little chill time to help me center. Getting Away With It by Rose Smith from the album Dawn Raiding, 2002.

Rose Smith Dawn Raiding

Today’s Track – Life Changes, Rose Smith

Since it’s “Maison” week on the blog, I thought I’d feature a song discovered along the way. A friend and I were shopping at Merci in Paris’ Marais one Saturday night, when the champagne began flowing. Well, who can resist that? So we settled in to people watch the fabulous folk attending the posh design week event (most of whom were actually invited, which – technically – we were not). Today’s track was part of the hipster playlist. Life Changes by Rose Smith from the album Dawn Raiding, 2002.

Rose Smith Dawn Raiding


Today’s Track – Do What You Want, Aya

A very creamy blend of R&B and electronica makes a feather soft serenade that seems right for this fall day. Do What You Want by Aya from the album Strange Flower, 2004.

Aya Strange Flower Album Art


Today’s Track – Le Soleil est près de moi, Air

Halfway through my vacation, I find myself blissed out in Provence; soaking up rays, sipping rosé, surrounded by people I adore. I think this instrumental (yes, it’s borderline muzak, but i don’t care) from my favorite French group captures the mood nicely. Le Soleil est près de moi (“The Sun Is Near Me”) by Air, from the album of the same name, 1997.

Air Le Soleil est près de moi

Today’s Track – Hayling, FC Kahuna

Sometimes when there are only 14 words in a song – and they repeat over, and over, and over – I sorta check out. But today’s the sort of day where a good dose of repetitive Euro chill hits the spot. (Sort of transports me to a hipster hotel in London; where quite frankly, I wouldn’t mind being right now.) And I suppose if you listen to the same phrase that many times, it just might begin to sink in.  Hayling by FC Kahuna from the album Machine Says Yes, 2002.




Today’s Track – Leave Me With the Monkeys, Sophie Hunger

I have no idea what this song is about. But I like it. Leave Me With The Monkeys by Sophie Hunger from her self titled album, 2011.

Sophie Hunger


Today’s Track – Travelogue, Sophie Hunger

Since I’m in Geneva, I thought we’d celebrate a Swiss artist today. Then I realized there wasn’t a single track in my music library that fit that bill. As I started exploring the possibilities, I made a magnificent discovery; Switzerland’s Sophie Hunter. Egad – how have I not heard her before? She’s brilliant! Brilliant as in I bought entire albums instead of just a few favorite tracks. Give it a go and let me know what you think! Travelogue by Sophie Hunter from the album 1983, 2010.

Album_Sophie Hunger Travelogue

Today’s Track – Say Goodbye, Sophie Barker

Bidding “adieu” to an amazing coworker today; so I’m feeling kinda melancholy. She’s off on a big adventure and I’m totally excited for her, but I’m still bummed out to lose such a fun and competent colleague. And even though this particular song is way too mushy and over-the-top and not at all the right content, it captures the general mood. Say Goodbye – the single by Sophie Barker, 2011.


Today’s Track – Soul Food, Martina Topley-Bird

So, as you’re no doubt aware if you’ve been keeping up with recent entries; it’s been a seriously lame spring in this neck of the woods. A cold, rainy, total crap spring. And then – to add insult to injury – a series of thunderstorms hit over the course of the last few days; falling ginormous trees everywhere (I mean, the city was literally littered with trees and tree limbs) and leaving a quarter million homes without power. Pretty epic. And while I was fortunate enough to escape the worst of it (my neighbor’s 5′ fence did manage to topple over onto a goodly portion of my garden and we were living by candlelight for a spell), this all began less that 24 hours after I put the finishing touches on my new outdoor lounge. With the heat and humidity as it is, I expect the cushions will be dry sometime in September. And yet, today finally feels like summer. So today I’m turning my back on the spring that wasn’t, and nourishing my soul with a little sunshine. Soul Food by Martina Topley-Bird from the album Anything, 2004.


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