Fall Winter 2016 Trend Teasers from Design Options


From Design Options, a fabulous CA-based color forecasting company: a preview of upcoming trends for the Autumn / Winter 2016-2017 season. Just a little taste of what’s to come for women, men, kids and home…


Images courtesy of WeConnectFashion, an awesome company that helps fashion companies succeed through business networking, market research & fashion industry know-how.

color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-part-2-w_animal_instincts1 color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-part-2-w_animal_instincts2 color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-1womens color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-2womens color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-part-2-yw_graphic_statements1 color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-part-2-yw_graphic_statements2 color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-3mens color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-4mens color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-part-2-ym_traditional_touch1 color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-part-2-ym_traditional_touch3 color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-5kids color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-6kids color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-part-2-collegiate_kids1 color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-part-2-collegiate_kids2 color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-7home color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-8home

Inspirational Resource: Pattern Curator

Pattern Curator makes me happy. It’s a fabulous resource for inspiration that I strongly encourage you to check out… you can get lost in there (in a good way)!

Pattern Curator collects images and photos to create a visual short story. Our goal is to inspire and connect like minded creative individuals, like yourself. We offer a look at print, pattern & color trends in a minimalistic point of view. Each board is curated visually in a way that is directional, relevant & trend-right. Whether you’re in the industry, an artist, designer, student, blogger, or have an interest in pretty pics, we hope you are inspired to create something amazing.

autumn-blues grey-scale grid-lock let-them-eat-cake1 lichen-luxe naive-expressionist pink-gold-peach polaroid-in-paris_v21 wuthering-heights3

Painted Petals


I’m craving some colorful, feminine jubilance today – overflowing with optimism and a heightened cute-factor. Enter South African artist Margaret Berg, who creates lovely illustrations for a long list of clients from her studio in Santa Monica.

8b4a18c1811b67528cd468a542671d81 b1d092812a1e26c8c5d30e2f7937760c grapes_01 JUNGLE_TROPICS_HIBISCUS_SQUARE_01 peaches_01 PINK_ROSES SUMMER_LOVE TEAL_PAINTERLY_FLORAL WATER_BLOSSOMS_02 WILD_POPPIES_CARD

Leah Bell Ceramics


Leah Ball is a Chicago, Illinois-based artist whose jewelry business took a turn towards ceramics when she began creating dishes – just as a method of display. This blossomed into a passion, and she began to focus on the art of marbling porcelain, a tedious process she developed by layering colored slips and stark white porcelain to achieve swirling textile-like patterns and vibrant colors that go deep beneath the surface.

Originally from the beachside town of Carlsbad, California, Ball’s aesthetic foundation is in the patterns and rhythms of the Pacific coast.  The kind conditions, workable sands, and persistence of the tides provided her a place to play, develop, and create, but more importantly accept the Ocean as a humbling force of renewal that privileges the maker with a fresh medium every day.  Her kinship with the natural cycles of the sea helped generate a creative spirit that finds satisfaction in doing and re-doing, product in practice, and truth in tedium.

Day Night Bedside Pitcher and Tumbler Set, $140
Day Night Mug Set, $75
Made-to-Order Marbled Porcelain Mug (no 2 are the same), $40
Pink and Black Hanging Planter, $68
Geio Kitchen Bowl, $40
One-of-a-Kind Marbled Porcelain Mug, $40
One-of-a-Kind Marbled Planter, $68

Wall Art

I feel a bit arty today. So I thought I’d share a project today by Mikko Kuorinki called “Wall Piece with 200 Letters”, which was exhibited at Finland’s Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma. Using short phrases by a variety of writers, Kuorinki created a poetic installation that changed each week over the course of a year. Click HERE to see the whole exhibition.

60_24kiasma 60_29kiasma 60_31kiasma 60_40kiasma 60_41kiasma 60_kiasma9 60_10kiasma

To The Max

Screen shot 2014-07-06 at 10.53.09 PM

Maxine Sutton Studio + Shop is a making and retail space on the East Kent Coast, housing the studios and a small shop/showroom on the ground floor. The maker, Maxine Sutton, produces a lovely collection of interior textiles and home wares. Maintaining a commitment to sustainable and ethical materials and production methods wherever possible, the work combines illustrative and abstract prints, hand and machine embroidery, with appliqued and needle punch details.

My work continues to explore the interplay between screen-printed and embroidered textures, colour, mark, drawn and stitched lines. Often playing with imagery and ideas springing from our relationship with familiar domestic objects, everyday pastimes, the meaning of ‘home’ and home-making activities. Abstract and semi-figurative forms combined with pattern and texture present an ambiguous narrative.

Using Irish machine, and hand embroidery I employ a combination of traditional techniques, such as applique, patchwork, needle-punch and screen print. Forms, are hand drawn, paper cut, found or photographic; layered and collaged with abstract and semi figurative appliquéd, needle-punched and printed imagery. Embroidered lines and desnsely embroidered areas create further layers of texture and interest.


Flowertree small zip purse, £8
Set of 3 lavender sachets, £12
Festoon Medium Drum Shade, £32
Small Zip Purse Designs, £8
Small Zip Purse Designs, £8

IMG_3746_1024x1024 Maxine-Sutton-Embroidery-Mini-Journal-6-pack_20090733705 Suki_Shade sylviacloseupSELV-how-to-darn21orange_beaker11ANTh-Artwork1

Go with Grace

Grace Lee_LOGO

I’m beginning the frenzied process of packing for my trip to France. To be clear, I make this much, much more difficult than it has to be – but I want what I want when I want it and have a finite amount of space. So compromises must be made. And unmade. And made again. Until only the strong survive. And then I saw this image:

Grace Lee_1

Now, that looks easy enough, right? Surely that’s all I’ll really need in the South of France. (I will not be packing a yellow bicycle, much as that seems pleasingly eccentric to me.) Of course, I will need some jeans… and a sweater for chilly nights… and some scarves… and – oh bother. Back to the drawing board.

Putting all that foolishness aside for now, I’d rather celebrate said artist of the inspiring visual packing list shown above. Grace Lee is a freelance illustrator from Sydney, Australia, who is currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Her work includes illustrations for Isetan, Beams, as well as Figaro, FRaU, Numero, The Ritz-Carlton, Papier Mache, and Stella magazines. I love her delicate, friendly style; it makes me happy.

Grace Lee_2 Grace Lee_3 Grace Lee_4 Grace Lee_5 Grace Lee_6 Grace Lee_7 Grace Lee_8 Grace Lee_10 Grace Lee_11



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