Choosy About Chocolate

In my book, the best Valentine’s Day gifts start as a cocoa plant, and morph into something sinfully decadent at the hands of master chocolatiers with the wisdom to hire extraordinary packaging designers.

Casa Bosques, Mexico City
Old Faithful Shop - Smoked Chocolate Chips, $17.95
Old Faithful Shop – Smoked Chocolate Chips, $17.95
Dandelion Chocolate, $8
Dandelion Chocolate, San Francisco, $8
San Churro Real Chocolate
San Churro Real Chocolate, Australia
Melt Chocolate Bars, £7.20
Melt Chocolate Bars, London, £7.20
Mast Brothers' Chocolate, $10
Mast Brothers’ Chocolate, Brooklyn, $10
Honest Chocolate
Honest Chocolate, South Africa
Olive & Sinclair, $6.99
Olive & Sinclair, Nashville, $6.99
Fine and Raw, Brooklyn, $11
Fine and Raw, Brooklyn, $11
Mariebelle, NYC, $6
Askinosie Chocolate dark chocolate gift set, $99
Askinosie Chocolate, Springfield, Missouri, dark chocolate gift set, $99

Eggceptional Chocolates

Easter treats, it turns out, are not limited to waxy chocolate bunnies, Cadbury Eggs and Peeps. On the contrary; design and fashion appear to be influencing the category, with some lovely, unexpected results. Thought I’d share a few of my favorite “designer”  specialty chocolate eggs for Easter. (Yes, I realize that roughly $200 bucks for a snooty animal print confection is beyond absurd; but I had to throw it in for good measure.)

Donna Wilson for Rococo - Food Chain Chocolate Easter Eggs, £55.00
Donna Wilson for Rococo - Owl & the Pussycat Easter Eggs, £13.95
Donna Wilson for Rococo - Lamb Easter Egg, £35.00
Claridge's Art Deco Chocolate Easter Egg, £45
Claridge's Easter Eggs - detail
Vivienne Westwood for Fortnum and Mason Easter Eggs, £32.50
Sweeties by Kim - Chocolate Covered Oreos with Easter Pattern, $22/dozen
Mariebelle NYC - Large Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, $35
Francois Payard NY - Dark Chocolate Egg, $38
Prestat Sea Salt Caramel Easter Egg, £14
Betty's UK Orange Chocolate Easter Egg, £15
Roberto Cavalli for Caffe Giacosa Chocolate Eggs, €139 (um... each!)

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