Today’s Track – Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais,

A little something today to get me in the mood for my plane ride to Paris this weekend! Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais (“I came to tell you I’m leaving”) by Claude Monnet & Monica Nogueira from the album Hôtel Costes Volume 7, 2004.


Today’s Track – Take Me Away, Zero 7

A bit of bouncy chill to provide a dash of escapism, which I’d really like right now. Okay, yes, it’s gets pretty repetitive (much like the daily grind) – which is sort of annoying (also much like the daily grind). Good reminder of the need to shake things up from time to time… Take Me Away, the single, by Zero 7, 2013.

Zero 7 Take Me Away



Today’s Track – Onto the Light, Adani & Wolf

Something lite and mellow with a deep euro groove to ease us into summer. Onto the Light by Adani & Wolf from the album Le Seigneurs, 2011.


Today’s Track – Lilac Wine (The Album Leaf Remix), Nina Simone

I don’t even know what Lilac Wine is, but I’m pretty sure I’d like a glass right now. Lilac Wine (the Album Leaf Remix) by Nina Simone from the album Verve Remixed 3, 2005.

Verve Remixed 3

Today’s Track – Getting Away With It, Rose Smith

A little atmospheric electronica out of England today. See, I’m frantically prepping for a two-and-a-half week trip to Asia (bug spray with 50% DEET? Check…), and need a little chill time to help me center. Getting Away With It by Rose Smith from the album Dawn Raiding, 2002.

Rose Smith Dawn Raiding

Today’s Track – Snowblind, Minus8

Despite the fact I’ve lived in Minnesota my entire life, the season’s first snowfall still comes as a surprise to me. Like, somehow, this year was going to be different. Well, as Monday’s weather will attest to, this isn’t going to be that year. So, I don my down jacket and snow boots (with sensibly rugged tread) and head off to work, listening to a bit of a chill in the air… Snowblind by Minus8 from the album Hotel Costés 6, 2003.

Hotel Costes 6

Today’s Track – Do What You Want, Aya

A very creamy blend of R&B and electronica makes a feather soft serenade that seems right for this fall day. Do What You Want by Aya from the album Strange Flower, 2004.

Aya Strange Flower Album Art


Today’s Track – Hayling, FC Kahuna

Sometimes when there are only 14 words in a song – and they repeat over, and over, and over – I sorta check out. But today’s the sort of day where a good dose of repetitive Euro chill hits the spot. (Sort of transports me to a hipster hotel in London; where quite frankly, I wouldn’t mind being right now.) And I suppose if you listen to the same phrase that many times, it just might begin to sink in.  Hayling by FC Kahuna from the album Machine Says Yes, 2002.




Today’s Track – Meant, Elizaveta

It’s quite possible I’m somewhat obsessing with the concept of destiny these days. More as it relates to vocational fate than love and life, but still. Meant by Elizaveta from her self-titled album, 2011.

Elizaveta Album Art


Today’s Track – Little Man, Sia

Sia’s one of my all time favorites, so I couldn’t resist sharing this oft overlooked track today. Quiet and catchy with a nice dose of soul… Little Man by Sia from the album Healing is Difficult, 2003.

SIA_Healing Is Difficult

Today’s Track – Cherry Blossom Girl, Air

This is the week when Maison et Objetarguably the best trade fair for trends and design inspiration – takes place in Paris. And I was not there. Executional obligations at work roadblocked my ability to pursue my passions. And, yes, I’m slightly bitter about it. But, rather than stew (or perhaps “rather than stew in an epic, pathetic fashion”; I prefer to stew with a bit of class), I though I’d pay homage by featuring another of Parisian favorites. Cherry Blossom Girl, the single, by Air, 2003.

Cherry Blossom Girl

Today’s Post – The Last Time, Lisa Shaw

Slow down. That’s what I need to hear. Slow down. Relax. Quiet the mind and just be. So, something soft and soothing today. The Last Time by Lisa Shaw from the album Cherry, 2005.

Lisa Shaw Cherry

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