It’s A Sign

What a fun discovery! Sidney-based Michael Pederson creates mischievious and irreverent street art that pops up around town – to what I must imagine is both the delight and bewilderment of the public lucky enough to stumble upon it.

“I like the idea of interfering with the overly familiar background blur … Ideally with something a passerby might see out of the corner of an eye.”





The Absurdity of Spec Work

I began my career in the advertising industry, where I first learned that clients actually expected to get a lot of TLC… for free. I always marveled that folks were actually willing to do that; to give away their time, energy and ideas for just a glimmer of possibility that they’d be tapped for future work. Love seeing this parody of the creative bidding process in new business pitches; truly illustrates how silly the concept is…


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