The Absurdity of Spec Work

I began my career in the advertising industry, where I first learned that clients actually expected to get a lot of TLC… for free. I always marveled that folks were actually willing to do that; to give away their time, energy and ideas for just a glimmer of possibility that they’d be tapped for future work. Love seeing this parody of the creative bidding process in new business pitches; truly illustrates how silly the concept is…


Made in Manila

Serious Studio

I’ll be heading to the Philippines in May, so I’ve been doing a bit of research on the local restaurant scene. Which is how I stumbled upon this brilliant bit of branding from Serious Studio, a Manila-based creative studio “dedicated to turning good ideas into great experiences”. Based on the exceptional design, I visited the web site (you might want to too – it’s awesome: The Girl & the Bull), and have determined it’s a must to check out while I’m in town!

The girl & the Bull

Goods to Go


I’m loving this fresh take on design for The Kitchen, the prepared-foods division of Whole Foods Market. Moniker teamed up with San Francisco-based Rubber Design to create a visual identity system that spanned everything from identity and packaging to custom illustration and signage.

Whole Foods_1


Bueno Branding

Abarrotes Delirio is a charming cafe located just outside Mexico City, in Roma. Founded by chef Mónica Patiño, they offer delicious gourmet fare using local products. Making it all the more inciting is the beautiful branding and environmental graphics by Mexico’s Savvy Studio; a multidisciplinary advertising & design firm whose work is consistently stunning.



For the Girls

It’s not often a company does something that compels me wholeheartedly to switch to their brand on principle. Always has done just that. This video has been making the rounds on social media, but just on the off chance you haven’t seen it, I had to share.

Cool Co-op


Urban Organics is a local organic food co-op in Oklahoma that retrieves crops from local farmers and brings them to the city, allowing members to purchase local organically grown food direct from the farm. When it came time to do their branding, they turned to the Dallas-based agency Foundry Collective. The approach is as fresh as their produce; modern and optimistic with enough polish to be credible without seeming disingenuous.

Urban Organics

The Designer’s Behind

Olivia King is a designer based in Sydney, Australia, who “sees opportunity in everything and harbors a not-so-secret love of red wine“. In creating and identity design for the 2013 UTS Visual Communications Grad Show, she wanted to portray the fun, youthful and dedicated personalities of the graduates, particularly with reference to the idea of “working our butts off” and their “exposure” to the industry. Using a series of visual and verbal puns, a mark and identity was esablished across a variety of collateral including letterpressed invitations, screen printed posters, bags, book, website and exhibition mural. So cheeky! (I couldn’t help myself..) Designed in collaboration with Sebastian Andreassen, with help from Nina HarcusSteph Tsimbourlas. and Elle Willams. You can visit her website at

UTS designers_1 UTS designers_2 UTS designers_3 UTS designers_4 UTS designers_5 UTS designers_6 UTS designers_7 UTS designers_8 UTS designers_9 UTS designers_10

The Santa Brand Book

I couldn’t resist sharing this today. The Santa Brand Book is a bit of seasonal silliness from the UK communication consultancy “Quietroom”. Most impressive style guide I’ve seen in a long time; best enjoyed with eggnog! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, everyone!

QR001_Guidelines_01 QR001_Guidelines_02 QR001_Guidelines_03 QR001_Guidelines_04 QR001_Guidelines_05 QR001_Guidelines_06 QR001_Guidelines_07 QR001_Guidelines_08 QR001_Guidelines_09 QR001_Guidelines_10 QR001_Guidelines_11 QR001_Guidelines_12 QR001_Guidelines_13 QR001_Guidelines_14 QR001_Guidelines_15

Fun Friday Fare

I warned you I’m in a mood, right? Today, I wanna take in stuff that’s irreverent, absurd and smart – in a hipster millennial kinda way. You know; have a giggle and allow myself the freedom – and luxury – to be silly. Very silly. This series of videos (the original and the retorts) hit the spot. Enjoy & have a GREAT weekend, everyone!

Minimalist Movies

Today is brought to you by Joe of Monster Gallery, a self-described “one man sweat shop” based in Singapore. He’s carved out a niche in the world of retro-inspired prints with a pop culture flavor. His re-imagining of movie posters in a mid-century minimalist style are pretty darn awesome. The prints come in a number of different sizes (4×6, 12×16, 16×22) and range in price from $8 – $32 USD. (Or, for $99 bucks, you can get a set of 35 4×6 prints!) Click on any image to visit his shop.

Monster Gallery_Dial MMonster Gallery_ _JawsMonster Gallery_ North by NorthwestMonster Gallery_ Reservoire DogsMonster Gallery_ Singing in the RainMonster Gallery_Rear WindowMonster Gallery_ TitanicMonster Gallery_Vertigo

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