Shop Atlanta – part 2

Here’s the second batch of Atlanta loveliness.

Atlanta Pic Stitch 01.1610Atlanta Pic Stitch 01.1611Atlanta Pic Stitch 01.1612Atlanta Pic Stitch 01.1613Atlanta Pic Stitch 01.1614Atlanta Pic Stitch 01.1615Atlanta Pic Stitch 01.1616Atlanta Pic Stitch 01.1617Atlanta Pic Stitch 01.1618

One thought on “Shop Atlanta – part 2

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  1. Hi there BB, I see Grey and beige and brown and blue, a bit of green and angles, layers of angles through glass, wooden layers, wonderful bravo animals, some pillows that are SO beautiful blue, relentless reticence, and a calm good natured sofa, I will take that….. And how is Paris today? I did have to pick up Lola, not Zelda, from school today, as she is still under the weather. I made a double bag of treats, and that was a good plan. Allison says come over and I will help with the Iphone! I do already have plans tonight, but will probably do it tomorrow, if all goes well. Have fun eating that fresh bagette and brie. Love, mom

    On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 8:15 AM, Blue Bergitt wrote:

    > Blue Bergitt posted: “Here’s the second batch of Atlanta loveliness. ” >

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