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Mary Jo Hoffmanis is a former aerospace engineer who began photographing natural objects found around her home in Minnesota. She gathers these lovely artifacts (often with help from her family), creates thoughtful arrangements, and scrappily photographs them in her home. Each day, she shares a piece of her beautiful work on her blog, Still.

I sent my first image out into the universe on January 1, 2012 hoping that I would enjoy the discipline of producing a photo a day, and hoping that a few kindred wanderers might find their way here. Still blog is a place to stop. A place to look at one thing at a time. A place to be still.

yellow-circle-of-leaves willow-leaves-in-fall-2016 strange-fruits-5c strange-fruit-2 milkweed-fluff-9 large-feather-collection japanese-knotweed evergreens-and-pinecones egg-collection-4 almond-blossom-branch-box acrons-from-the-same-tree


9/2015 Maison et Objet, et Paris – part 4

I know, I know; this is a lot of photos! Apparently, I’m not so great at editing down – I want to share everything!!! Although, these images only represent about 20% of the whole, if you can believe it…


Today’s Track – Think I’m in Love, Beck

I bought myself a new (well, new to me) car yesterday. Now, this is a truly unusual event, as I’ve had my current car for nearly 15 years and love it dearly. But I finally decided that I simply can’t take another Minnesota winter without four wheel drive. And so I reluctantly made the leap to something practical – yet cute – that also comes with the highly anticipated luxury of heated seats. I Think I’m In Love by Beck from the album The Information, 2006.

Beck the Information

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