Today’s Track – Don’t Let It Bring You Down, Annie Lennox

I was clicking around from station to station (as you do when you know there’s nothing on TV you actually want to watch, but the eternal optimist within believes if you change channels enough, something fascinating will ultimately appear), when I stumbled on American Beauty. To be clear, that’s a movie I absolutely detest; but the soundtrack – barely audible in the background – held my attention. Softly mesmerizing. What is that song? Why do I know that music? Is that Annie Lennox? I couldn’t make out the lyrics, and a quick Shazam provided the helpful information that is was the movie American Beauty (which, by the way, does not appear to have a soundtrack that includes this song). But through the wonders of the interwebs, I found it nonetheless. Yeah, we all need a reminder of her message every once in a while. Don’t Let It Bring You Down by Annie Lennox from the album Medusa, 1994.


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