Made Manly


In honor of father’s day, I thought I’d share a very cool little company that makes amazing bars of soap that originate from a guy’s point of view.

If Burly Stone was a person, he’d be the guy you’d want your sister to marry.
He’d be good looking, but not too good looking.
He’d be smart and funny, but not in an obnoxious way.
He’d be at home at a broadway show or at a local dive drinking a beer with a jack chaser.
He’d be the guy you call when you need to post bail, unless he was sharing the cell with you.

Burly Stone, the wingman for your shower.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! (As always, click to shop!)

The Dude – beer, oatmeal, & leather scented soap, $15.00
The Camper – cedar, tobacco, & smoke scented soap, $15.00
The Mariner – anise & bay laurel scented soap, $15.00
The Chef – smoky, citrus scented soap, $15.00
The Executive – peppermint & barber shop scented soap, $15.00

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