Fall Winter 2016-2017 Trend Teaser from Design Options


From Design Options, a fabulous CA-based color forecasting company: a preview of upcoming trends for the Autumn / Winter 2016-2017 season. Just a little taste of what’s to come for women, men, kids and home…


Images courtesy of WeConnectFashion, an awesome company that helps fashion companies succeed through business networking, market research & fashion industry know-how.

color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-1womens color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-2womens color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-3mens color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-4mens color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-5kids color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-6kids color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-7home color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-8home

Today’s Track – Blue, Cat Power

Something super mellow today. I mean really, intensely mellow. The kind of mellow where the world seems to come to a stand still for a few minutes and you just breathe… Blue by Cat Power from the album Jukebox, 2008.

Cat Power Jukebox

2015 MN Artisan Home Tour – part 1

Spent a day exploring fancy new builds around the Twin a Cities area last week. Lots of great inspiration, of course, but it came at a cost: I now totally have a complex about my own 100+ year old house, which was built without massive closets, a fancy laundry room, a screened in patio with fireplace and no basketball court to speak of. Even my doorknobs seem inferior. Sigh. Still, she’s home sweet home and I’m grateful to cozy up in her everyday. Here’s a peek at some of the other spaces around town…


Simply Stunning

A fabulous branding effort by Ukraine-based Brandon Agency for Simplea casual fast-food restaurant located in Kiev.

The idea of the restaurant is “be simple, eat simple”, it implies cooking from local, fresh, not preserved products, but in unusual combinations. For this reason, we used natural colors and simple materials like wood, plywood, craft paper, etc. without complicated refinement. We also decided to look at usual details from a different point of view. That’s how we got a shovel as a door-handle, rakes as coat hooks, rolling pins as a menu for drinks, concrete lamps made of recycled plastic bottles and so on. We honestly bought all that at the market and adjusted in the interior.

Simple Kiev

Made Manly


In honor of father’s day, I thought I’d share a very cool little company that makes amazing bars of soap that originate from a guy’s point of view.

If Burly Stone was a person, he’d be the guy you’d want your sister to marry.
He’d be good looking, but not too good looking.
He’d be smart and funny, but not in an obnoxious way.
He’d be at home at a broadway show or at a local dive drinking a beer with a jack chaser.
He’d be the guy you call when you need to post bail, unless he was sharing the cell with you.

Burly Stone, the wingman for your shower.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone! (As always, click to shop!)

The Dude – beer, oatmeal, & leather scented soap, $15.00
The Camper – cedar, tobacco, & smoke scented soap, $15.00
The Mariner – anise & bay laurel scented soap, $15.00
The Chef – smoky, citrus scented soap, $15.00
The Executive – peppermint & barber shop scented soap, $15.00

Today’s Track – Take Me Away, Zero 7

A bit of bouncy chill to provide a dash of escapism, which I’d really like right now. Okay, yes, it’s gets pretty repetitive (much like the daily grind) – which is sort of annoying (also much like the daily grind). Good reminder of the need to shake things up from time to time… Take Me Away, the single, by Zero 7, 2013.

Zero 7 Take Me Away



Spring Summer 2016 Pattern Trends from Patternbank_part 2


Love this sampling of trend-relevant print & pattern for spring/summer 2016 from Patternbank, a global trend forecasting company based in the UK that delivers innovative (and typically spot-on) forecasts as well as a huge selection of licensed pattern designs. These totally inspiring works of art may have their roots in women’s fashion, but many are also generally (or certainly, directionally) applicable in home and giftware categories.

SS16PT1-COLORS Indigo Craft SS16PT1-COLORS Pretty Mosaic SS16PT1-COLORS Surreal Summer SS16PT1-MOOD Contrived Skins SS16PT1-MOOD Expressive Bloom SS16PT1-MOOD_Sea Wave SS16PT2-ART_EB PF summer-2016-print-trend-FP GF summer-2016-print-trend-RG HS summer-2016-print-trend-SF CB summer-2016-print-trend-TT PS


(interested in seeing part one? Click HERE!)

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