Painterly Pillows


Brooklyn-based designer Rebecca Atwood began her career at Anthropologie before launching her own collection of home textiles. Her products begin in her sketchbook, and then are created in small editions using hand-dying, printing and painting techniques. I especially love the unique softness of the one-of-a-kind Shibori pillows, and how lovely they layer with her other pieces. (Prices range from $109 – $225; As always, click to shop!)

Our original collection of home textiles focuses on the artistic process. Drawing, painting, collecting inspiration, making collages, creating swatches, and testing colors: it all begins in the sketchbook. The first samples are made right in the studio. We cut the pillow fronts and backs ourselves as working on this process in the studio allows for more creativity to occur and instant design decisions to be made.

Rebecca-Atwood-Spring-Bed Rebecca-Atwood-Spring-Pillows Striped_Shibori_Coral_Front_1024x1024 1017_RebeccaAtwood_Pillow10_26_1024x1024 140612_RebeccaAtwood_069_RAedits_1024x1024 140612_RebeccaAtwood_043_RAedits_1024x1024 140612_RebeccaAtwood_081_RAedits_1024x1024 EJ-IMG_9827_5d62487a-c67c-433c-a438-f379e5780b7d_1024x1024 EJ_IMG_7998_a715e0c2-b388-4b34-b121-6e16c1b4fa07_1024x1024 EJ847A1822_3a5904e2-0fa8-43cc-8fad-b76c50fee740_1024x1024-1


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