Today’s Track – Sweet Potato, Sia

I suppose this song is about people pleasing. Which seems, as a concept, to have developed a bum rap. Like somehow you give up some part of your authenticity by wanting to better understand – and even meet – other people’s needs? I’m pretty sure there’s room for both being genuine and empathetic while doing things just for the sake of someone else… Sweet Potato by Sia from the album Colour the Small One, 2004.



Spring Summer 2016 Trend Colors from Fashion Snoops



A refreshing look at color trends for next spring from Fashion Snoops, a global resource for style-related insights into the fashion industry. Today I’m sharing the top color picks they’re forecasting in womenswear for the Spring/Summer 2016 season.


Images courtesy of WeConnectFashion, an awesome company that helps fashion companies succeed through business networking, market research & fashion industry know-how.


Blue Hydrangea

Lemon Chiffon



Hazy Taupe

Moonstone Blue



Dark Teal

Pastel Pots from Poland


These lovely, handcrafted bowls, mugs and other unique stoneware products are created by designer Irmina Helak in her studio in Poland. She uses a variety of techniques that give her pieces a unique character and a wonderful combination of texture, color, form and pattern. (As always, click to shop!)

Porcelain Breakfast Set, $70
Porcelain Breakfast Set, $70
Stoneware Coffee Mug, $34
Stoneware Coffee Mug, $34
Textured Blue Coffee Mug, $32
Textured Blue Coffee Mug, $32
Stoneware Tea Mug, $32
Stoneware Tea Mug, $32
Stoneware Wide Vase, $48
Stoneware Wide Vase, $48
Porcelain Vase, $70
Porcelain Vase, $70
Espresso Cup Set of 2, $34
Espresso Cup Set of 2, $34
Stoneware Decorative Bowl, $65
Stoneware Decorative Bowl, $65
Kitchen Bowl, $45
Kitchen Bowl, $45


Photoshop Time Machine

This one’s for the designers out there; a flash from the past. I remember 25 years ago, when the first version of Adobe Photoshop was released. Having only been trained in MacPaint (yes, really) and the art of paste up (you know, with rubber cement and an exacto), Photoshop was a daunting challenge to master. So much so, that I pretty much gave up, hopeful that the whole thing would just go away, and turned to creative management. Looking back, it’s amazing to see how the original compares to where we are today… Enjoy the weekend!


Today’s Track – It Girl, Pharrell Williams

I took today off work to do some serious spring cleaning. In the process, I seem to have created more chaos and messes than I had to start with. Which means I need to crank some tunes that are energizing enough to keep me moving, but chill enough to keep me from stressing out about the predicament I’ve gotten myself into. This one should do just fine. Now, back to the basement!! It Girl by Pharrell Williams from the album G I R L, 2014.

GIRL Pharrell Williams

Parading Around Town

Spent the day touring a few of the houses featured in Minneapolis’ Parade of Homes showcase last month. Definitely a mixed bag; some good, some bad, some downright ugly. Here’s a taste of some of the good stuff…



Today’s Track – Happiness, Goldfrapp

With my mind on the very real possibility of being able to dig in the dirt soon – and actually enjoy fresh air without the protection of my down coat, I’m in a pretty darn good mood. Ergo, today’s perky ode to joy. Ah, spring, I’ve missed you. Welcome back. Happiness by Goldfrapp from the album Seventh Tree, 2008.

Goldfrapp_Seventh Tree


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