Leah Bell Ceramics


Leah Ball is a Chicago, Illinois-based artist whose jewelry business took a turn towards ceramics when she began creating dishes – just as a method of display. This blossomed into a passion, and she began to focus on the art of marbling porcelain, a tedious process she developed by layering colored slips and stark white porcelain to achieve swirling textile-like patterns and vibrant colors that go deep beneath the surface.

Originally from the beachside town of Carlsbad, California, Ball’s aesthetic foundation is in the patterns and rhythms of the Pacific coast.  The kind conditions, workable sands, and persistence of the tides provided her a place to play, develop, and create, but more importantly accept the Ocean as a humbling force of renewal that privileges the maker with a fresh medium every day.  Her kinship with the natural cycles of the sea helped generate a creative spirit that finds satisfaction in doing and re-doing, product in practice, and truth in tedium.

Day Night Bedside Pitcher and Tumbler Set, $140
Day Night Mug Set, $75
Made-to-Order Marbled Porcelain Mug (no 2 are the same), $40
Pink and Black Hanging Planter, $68
Geio Kitchen Bowl, $40
One-of-a-Kind Marbled Porcelain Mug, $40
One-of-a-Kind Marbled Planter, $68

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