French Cuisine


I’ve fallen for these charming, illustrated prints by Lucile Prache, an artist based in Paris.

I want my illustrations to look carefree and happy. I have been studying ballet since my childhood, and I believe that my illustrations are just like dance pieces—everything appears to be easy. Dancers are always smiling on stage, but there is a lot of work behind the stage.


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Figs - 8x10 poster, $37
Figs – 8×10 print, $37
Pumpkin Soup - 8x10 Print, $37
Pumpkin Soup – 8×10 print, $37
Winter Veggies - 8x10 print, $37
Winter Veggies – 8×10 print, $37
Profiteroles - 8x10 print, $37
Profiteroles – 8×10 print, $37
Autumn Fruits - 8x10 print, $37
Autumn Fruits – 8×10 print, $37
Cheeses - 8x10 print, $37
Cheeses – 8×10 print, $37
Peach Pie - 11x17 print, $75
Peach Pie – 11×17 print, $75

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