To The Max

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Maxine Sutton Studio + Shop is a making and retail space on the East Kent Coast, housing the studios and a small shop/showroom on the ground floor. The maker, Maxine Sutton, produces a lovely collection of interior textiles and home wares. Maintaining a commitment to sustainable and ethical materials and production methods wherever possible, the work combines illustrative and abstract prints, hand and machine embroidery, with appliqued and needle punch details.

My work continues to explore the interplay between screen-printed and embroidered textures, colour, mark, drawn and stitched lines. Often playing with imagery and ideas springing from our relationship with familiar domestic objects, everyday pastimes, the meaning of ‘home’ and home-making activities. Abstract and semi-figurative forms combined with pattern and texture present an ambiguous narrative.

Using Irish machine, and hand embroidery I employ a combination of traditional techniques, such as applique, patchwork, needle-punch and screen print. Forms, are hand drawn, paper cut, found or photographic; layered and collaged with abstract and semi figurative appliquéd, needle-punched and printed imagery. Embroidered lines and desnsely embroidered areas create further layers of texture and interest.


Flowertree small zip purse, £8
Set of 3 lavender sachets, £12
Festoon Medium Drum Shade, £32
Small Zip Purse Designs, £8
Small Zip Purse Designs, £8

IMG_3746_1024x1024 Maxine-Sutton-Embroidery-Mini-Journal-6-pack_20090733705 Suki_Shade sylviacloseupSELV-how-to-darn21orange_beaker11ANTh-Artwork1

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