Designed to a “T”

The Social Department

Great range of graphic t-shirts’s from The Social Department; “hand printed by a couple of humans in the state of Ohio”. Using awesome typography, they create fun stuff for design nerds, foodies, “athletic supporters” and regional lovers. All t-shirts go for $25 & they offer both men’s and women’s sizes. (As always, click to shop!)

States_49_Alaska2_1024x1024 States_33_Oregon_whiteInk_1024x1024 states_32_minnesotan_1024x1024 reg_rideyourbike_1024x1024 reg_landlocked_1024x1024 reg_greatlaker_1024x1024 Reg_BlackSquirrels_1024x1024 design_quarklegend_1024x1024 design_clarendon_1024x1024 Design_AustinLovesType_new_1024x1024Land_MadisonBrats_1024x1024

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