Cozy Up For Fall

I don’t often share my own work on this blog – it’s way more fun to celebrate other people! But today, I’m making an exception. See, I’m delighted by the way my latest decor run for Threshold @ Target turned out, and humbled by the great response it’s been getting. So I thought I’d show how it began, about a year ago, with these two pieces of inspiration:



These images became my muses (I’m sorry to say, I don’t know the original sources). In my head, I saw a collection that was warm and cozy and autumnal, yet unexpected. Modern, yet easy and comfortable. Natural, with a bit of sparkle. And now, all these months later, it’s a reality. Here are a few pics…



Many of the “Gold & White” Collection items are available on-line (click HERE if you’d like to check them out), and of course in-store too, but the assortments there are already looking pretty lean.

While we’re talking autumnal decor; I also designed a more traditional assortment with a seasonal palette for those wanting a splash of fall color. (One of my colleagues designed the mercury pumpkins – in copper, gold, silver and white – they make super cute accents for Halloween &/or Thanksgiving!)


Thanks for indulging me in a little personal show & tell and have a great weekend, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Cozy Up For Fall

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  1. Hi dear Sonjia, Congratulations and enthusiastic hugs for your latest success, with the gold and concrete and all, I am glad to see that you did include it with your blog! Such a treat!!! I assume you have some newly made apple cider or juice to share with your lovely loving family…..hope you had fun! My evening with the girls was wonderfulllll, and we watched FROZEN, which I had never seen before, and they sang along so beautifully.! Of course I couldn’t get the little ones to bed one time so I gave up, and then the darling very tired parents came home after enjoying a movie in Hopkins. cheers! love, mom

  2. Beautiful. I have always known you are super creative & talented….but you should absolutely toot your horn on this one!! Love the gold and white. Heading to Target now!!

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