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Dan 300 * Logo

Dan300 is an Australian company that produces a range of products, from textiles to stationery, all with a moderns sensibility and passion for color and pattern. Designer & Director Daniella (Dani) Rosen tells a wonderful tale of the earliest days of her company:

The name derived from the number plates on my old 1981 peppermint green car saw me live out my ‘dream’ of having a company car. Yes, the company car came before the business idea. On a dare, I registered the business name DAN300 designs and then set out to work out what in fact I was going to make/sell. With several years of retail & product experience up my sleeve, I followed through on starting my own business right from my bedroom floor. It is one of those stories where the first sample was glued together on the floor of my rented apartment in Sydney, I showed it to a friend of a friend who worked in a shop subsequently leading to a job offer from that shop and then eventually stocking the shop where I worked and I guess the rest is history…

Totally inspired. (As always, click to shop!)

Dan 300 Card_1
Laguna A6 Card & Envelope, $6.95 AUD
Dan 300 Card_2
Ikka Cherry A6 Card & Envelope, $6.95 AUD
Dan 300 Cushion_1
Cushion Bloom Large, $110 AUD
Dan 300 Purse_1
Macaroons Raindrop & Citron Leather Clutch, $119.95 AUD
Dan 300 Rug_1
Wool Flat Weave Rug Geometric C Rug, $499 AUD (sale)
Dan 300 Zip_1
Rockmelon and Cloud Leather Zip Purse, $49.95 AUD
Dan 300 Zip_2
Honeycomb and Camino Leather Zip Pouch, $49.95 AUD
Dan 300 Zip_3
iPad Kaleidoscope & Camino Leather Pouch, $69.95 AUD

Dan 300 Beauty_1Dan 300 Beauty_2Dan 300 Beauty_3Dan 300 Beauty_4Dan 300 Beauty_5Dan 300 Beauty_6Dan 300 Beauty_7

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