It’s a Dozi

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DOZI is a small, San Francisco based design studio run by Wendy Chung. Wendy began her career in engineering, but found herself increasingly fascinated by design, patterns and color. After a few classes and a lot of exploring, she found a love for bringing her patterns to life on stationery and home goods. Wendy strives to keep her designs clean, fresh, and sensible, creating goods thoughtfully and using high-quality, natural materials. I love the clean, simplicity of her prints – livable and modern. (As always, click to shop!)

Wove Medium Zipper Pouch - Blue, $22
Wove Medium Zipper Pouch – blue, $22
Scales Medium Zipper Pouch - Yellow, $22
Scales Medium Zipper Pouch – yellow, $22
Spokes Pillow Cover - Black & Natural, $38
Spokes Pillow Cover – black & natural, $38
Ava Pillow Cover - Midnight Blue, $38
Ava Pillow Cover – midnight blue, $38
Scales Pillow Cover - white & natural, $38
Scales Pillow Cover – white & natural, $38
Blossom Birch Tray, $39
Blossom Birch Tray, $39
Stack Cutting Board, $39
Stack Cutting Board, $39
Sunset Note Book, $7
Sunset Note Book, $7
Blossom Tea Towel, $22
Blossom Tea Towel, $22


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