Go with Grace

Grace Lee_LOGO

I’m beginning the frenzied process of packing for my trip to France. To be clear, I make this much, much more difficult than it has to be – but I want what I want when I want it and have a finite amount of space. So compromises must be made. And unmade. And made again. Until only the strong survive. And then I saw this image:

Grace Lee_1

Now, that looks easy enough, right? Surely that’s all I’ll really need in the South of France. (I will not be packing a yellow bicycle, much as that seems pleasingly eccentric to me.) Of course, I will need some jeans… and a sweater for chilly nights… and some scarves… and – oh bother. Back to the drawing board.

Putting all that foolishness aside for now, I’d rather celebrate said artist of the inspiring visual packing list shown above. Grace Lee is a freelance illustrator from Sydney, Australia, who is currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Her work includes illustrations for Isetan, Beams, as well as Figaro, FRaU, Numero, The Ritz-Carlton, Papier Mache, and Stella magazines. I love her delicate, friendly style; it makes me happy.

Grace Lee_2 Grace Lee_3 Grace Lee_4 Grace Lee_5 Grace Lee_6 Grace Lee_7 Grace Lee_8 Grace Lee_10 Grace Lee_11



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