Aussie Awesomesauce

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Southwood Home is a Melbourne-based furniture and homewares store that focuses on local, natural, organic and fair trade products. They carry a lot of fabulous local brands like Ample, Armadillo, Bemboka, Bonnie & Neil, Skin & Threads, Tide and Uimi as well as international brands like Amy Sia, Imogen Heath and Hey Sign. I adore their modern, optimistic sensibility, punctuated with playful colors and simple forms.

AA Southwood Home_1

Southwood Home_1-2 Southwood Home_2 Southwood Home_3 Southwood Home_4 Southwood Home_4.5 Southwood Home_5 Southwood Home_6 Southwood Home_7 Southwood Home_8 Southwood Home_9 Southwood Home_10 Southwood Home_11

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