Fall Winter 2015 – 2016 Artwork Trends from Fashion Snoops

Fashion Snoops logo

A cool look at incoming autumnal art style trends from Fashion Snoops, a global resource for style-related insights into the fashion industry. Today I’m sharing the stories they’re forecasting in womenswear & menswear for the Fall/Winter 2015-16 season.


Images courtesy of WeConnectFashion, an awesome company that helps fashion companies succeed through business networking, market research & fashion industry know-how.

01_theroyals 02_theroyals

THE ROYALS: “The hand drawn style of our graphics adds a great feminine touch to this otherwise dark and medieval trend, which is strengthened by the addition of Cautionary Tale florals and Damask wallpaper prints.”

03_cautionarytale 04_cautionarytale

CAUTIONARY TALE: “William Morris was our main source of inspiration when it came to womens Cautionary Tale graphics.”

05_rubikscube 06_rubikscube

RUBIK’S CUBE: “Rubik’s Cube is where the fun comes into play, as we see 80s and 90s inspired geometrics: seemingly random in shape.”

07_bauhausblock 08_bauhausblock

BAUHAUS BLOCK: “Bauhaus, and in particular Kadinsky definitely inspire here, with a more simplistic version of geometric lines and color blocks with a mathematical element to them, as the geometrics are symmetrical and balanced.”

09_penandink 10_penandink

PEN AND INK: “Doodles, sketched faces and traditional screen printing methods come together within Pen and Ink.”

11_collision 12_collision

COLLISION: “We have combined an illustrated anatomical element as well as referencing music and science with edited photoreals. Great texture is added with newspaper cut outs and blueprints as backgrounds.”

The full versions of Fashion Snoops Fall/Winter 15/16 Original Artwork reports for women and men are available in the WeConnectFashion Trend Shop. They have carefully selected the top print and pattern call outs for the season and created a series of original inspiring print themes for your use. The artwork has been designed solely for Fashion Snoops and is available for download as a PSD/AI file, copyright free.


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