Fan Favorite – Atlanta Gift Show

I’ve spent an inordinate portion of the last 20 years or so walking trade fairs. Let’s just say it takes a lot to stop me in my tracks. But it happened last week in Atlanta when I turned the corner and collided with the Design Legacy booth. Suddenly I was confronted with a decidedly unique and unabashed point of view; a sort of Southern-Tricia-Guild-meets-MOMA type of thing with a dash of Vintage for good measure. Vibrant, optimistic and over the top. It boldly stood out in the crowded mart as a breath of unexpected creativity. (Design Legacy is a Texas-based wholesaler, selling to the trade only – so no shopping links this time, I’m afraid! But you can ask your local specialty decor retailer to consider stocking the items, and some pieces will be available on-line with various retailers this fall.)

Design Legacy_1 Design Legacy_2 Design Legacy_3 Design Legacy_4 Design Legacy_5 Design Legacy_6 Design Legacy_7 Design Legacy_8 Design Legacy_9 Design Legacy_10 Design Legacy_11 Design Legacy_12

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