3 Years!

I’m celebrating an anniversary of sorts today…

Blue Bergitt Blog Post #1

Yup, it’s been three years since I started this blog, thus beginning a daily tradition of sharing stuff by amazingly creative and inspiring talents that I just adore. It’s been fun, and daunting, and a labor of love. I clearly remember a day early on when I reached 60 followers, and totally freaked; “OMG! There are all these people reading my blog!” I totally felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility to deliver fresh and inspiring content. And I still do.

So, thank you, readers. Thank you. I appreciate you all so much. You keep me motivated to explore and discover, and share what I find. Hope you enjoy the snippets and bits too.

This week, I’ll be celebrating by revisiting a few of my favorite posts featuring amazing creative talents from the earliest days of this blog.




Clerkenwell Design Week Highlights


Turns out, Clerkenwell (a hep neighborhood in central London – you’ll find the Zetter & Rookery hotels there) is home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet. To celebrate this unique design community, Clerkenwell Design Week was established as a 3-day “design festival”, showcasing leading UK and international brands and companies presented in a series of showroom events, pop-up exhibitions and special installations that take place across the area.

Clerkenwell_1 Clerkenwell_2 Clerkenwell_3 Clerkenwell_4 Clerkenwell_5 Peggy Clerkenwell_6 Clerkenwell_7 Jill Tate Clerkenwell_8 Clerkenwell_9 Clerkenwell_10 Clerkenwell_11 Clerkenwell_12


Father’s Day Cards 2014

Time to celebrate your dear old dad…

12 Fifteen - Love, $5
12 Fifteen – Love, $5
Macon York - Color Type, $4
Macon York – Color Type, $4
Papillion Press - Pops, $5.50
Papillion Press – Pops, $5.50
Denote Stationery - Main Man, $5.28
Denote Stationery – Main Man, $5.28
Studio Four Three - Shave, $5
Studio Four Three – Shave, $5
Living Letterpress - Darn Good, $3
Living Letterpress – Darn Good, $3
Grey Moggie Press, Pretty Great, $5
Grey Moggie Press, Pretty Great, $5
Parrot Design Studio, Stripes, $5
Parrott Design Studio, Stripes, $5
Parrott Design Studio - Type, $5
Parrott Design Studio – Type, $5
417 Press - Papa, $5
417 Press – Papa, $5
Sort - Socks, $4.31
Sort – Socks, $4.31
Star Shaped Press - Typography, $4.50
Star Shaped Press – Typography, $4.50
Kiss & Punch - Baseball, $4.95
Kiss & Punch – Baseball, $4.95
Ferdinand Home - Rooster, $4
Ferdinand Home – Rooster, $4


Tray Chic

I have two well-loved and much used large wooden serving trays. I would be lost without them for summer entertaining, as I use them endlessly for shuttling wares from kitchen to patio. But they’re finally starting to show signs of weathering (who isn’t?), and I find myself in the market for an upgrade. Thought I’d share a few of the contenders on my list… (As always, click to shop!)

Richwood Creations Tray
Richwood Creations – Personalized Tray, $69
Ferm Living - Spear Tray, $80
Ferm Living – Spear Tray, $80
West Elm - Raffia Trays, $34 - $69
West Elm – Raffia Trays, $34 – $69
Angela Adams - Kenga Tray, $45
Angela Adams – Kenga Tray, $45
Target - 26" Nautical Rattan Tray, $35
Target – 26″ Nautical Rattan Tray, $35
Pilgrim Waters - Dot Tray, $290
Pilgrim Waters – Dot Tray, $290
ABC Carpet - Reflect Thistle Tray, $150
ABC Carpet – Reflect Thistle Tray, $150
One Kings Lane - Set of 3 Green Geo Trays, $95
One Kings Lane – Set of 3 Green Geo Trays, $95
Core Acacia Trays
Core Acacia Trays
Core Bamboo - Chevron Tray, $48
Core Bamboo – Chevron Tray, $48
JD Wallingtons - Primitive Tray, $70
JD Wallingtons – Primitive Tray, $70
Fab - Breakfast Tray, $27
Fab – Breakfast Tray, $27
Two 13 Vintage - Woven bamboo Tray, $18
Two 13 Vintage – Woven bamboo Tray, $18
Pottery Barn - Tava Tray, $49
Pottery Barn – Tava Tray, $49
Keephouse - Geo Pattern Serving Tray, $58
Keephouse – Geo Pattern Serving Tray, $58
Euro Style - Wood Laquered Tray, $172
Euro Style – Wood Laquered Tray, $172
Sur la Table - Bamboo Butler's Tray, $40
Sur la Table – Bamboo Butler’s Tray, $40




MB Art Studios

Designer Mary Burrows of MB Art Studios considers herself “someone who really never expected to find myself on this path of being an artist and having a desire to create. for many years i was in a cubicle, living a life that was very uninspired. what woke me up was having a child who didn’t fit into the average “box”. he helped open up my eyes to a whole new world.” Each ceramic piece is one-of-a-kind and hand built in her Austin, TX studio with earthenware or stoneware clay. (As always, click to shop!)

A Plate_1
Everything 8″ Dish, $34
Large Bowl, $34
Cultivate Medium Dish, $32
Cheese Platter, $35
Plaque, $36
Plaque, $28
Plaque, $40
Wall Vase, $50
Wall Vase, $45

Today’s Track – Sailing to Nowhere, Broken Bells

I was at Colette in Paris a few years ago, gingerly gripping what I thought would be a perfectly acceptable CD to purchase. (I realize we don’t buy CDs anymore; but it’s been a tradition of mine to come home from Europe with new music, and so it was.) Très chic salesperson casually approaches me, and with a disappointed yet all-knowing look (the kind only the French can really pull off), he slides the CD out of my hand and replaces it with this one. And that’s how we met. Sailing to Nowhere by Broken Bells from their self-titled album, 2010.

broken bells_albumcover

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