Today’s Track – The Heat, Jungle

I can’t imagine what we Minnesotan’s would talk about if it wasn’t for our rather whacked weather. I mean, I’m self aware enough to know the topic can’t be terribly interesting… and yet I keep droning on about it. And today is no exception. (Oh, indulge me; there’s a good song at the end of all this.) You see, it appears we’ve skipped spring this year and moved directly to high summer. Two weekends ago I was attempting to garden wearing a down coat and rain boots, and today, I’m cranking the AC, contemplating the impact of the “dew point*” and trying to figure out where I might have put that sunscreen lo those many months ago… So I give you today’s bit of groove to celebrate a most welcome change in seasons. The Heat (single) by Jungle, 2013.

* We Minnesotans are obsessed with dew points. It’s what we do.


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