Doing My Homework

This morning I’ll be volunteering at Second Harvest Heartland alongside a number of my co-workers (today’s mission? Packaging tortillias.), and this afternoon I plan to work from home. Now, I definitely feel good about the volunteering part – but who knew working from home could make a difference too? Check this handy infographic from Mashable

Work at Home Inforgraphic

Today’s Track – The Heat, Jungle

I can’t imagine what we Minnesotan’s would talk about if it wasn’t for our rather whacked weather. I mean, I’m self aware enough to know the topic can’t be terribly interesting… and yet I keep droning on about it. And today is no exception. (Oh, indulge me; there’s a good song at the end of all this.) You see, it appears we’ve skipped spring this year and moved directly to high summer. Two weekends ago I was attempting to garden wearing a down coat and rain boots, and today, I’m cranking the AC, contemplating the impact of the “dew point*” and trying to figure out where I might have put that sunscreen lo those many months ago… So I give you today’s bit of groove to celebrate a most welcome change in seasons. The Heat (single) by Jungle, 2013.

* We Minnesotans are obsessed with dew points. It’s what we do.


Cool Co-op


Urban Organics is a local organic food co-op in Oklahoma that retrieves crops from local farmers and brings them to the city, allowing members to purchase local organically grown food direct from the farm. When it came time to do their branding, they turned to the Dallas-based agency Foundry Collective. The approach is as fresh as their produce; modern and optimistic with enough polish to be credible without seeming disingenuous.

Urban Organics

Today’s Track – Right Now, Mocean Worker

Let’s go instrumental today. A seriously jazzy dose of electronica to get the feet tapping and usher in a spring state of mind just in time for the holiday weekend. Right Now (feat. Rahsaan Roland Kirk) by Mocean Worker from the album Enter the Mowo!, 2010.

Enter the Mowo!

Pikku Wares

In honor of the the final day of the National Stationery Show in NYC, I thought I’d share one of my all time favorites. Pikku is a brilliant line of charming textiles and stationery products by designer Valerie Ormiston. I adore that in a world of constant change and the urge to reinvent, her wares evolve at a snail’s pace – and stand the test of time. Simple, modern, unpretentious and happy.  (As always, click to shop!)

Pikku Magnolia sewn letterpress card on 100% cotton stock, $6
Pikku Poppi sewn letterpress card on 100% cotton stock, $6
Pikku Petals flapper letterpress card on 100% cotton stock, $8
Pikku Tuulip 18×18 silkscreened pillow, $98
Pikku Mums 18×18 silkscreened pillow, $98
Pikku Baubles gift wrap, $8/2 sheets
Pikku Ringoling gift wrap, $8/2 sheets
Pikku Pods gift wrap, $8/2 sheets
Pikku Crazy Daisy gift wrap, $8/2 sheets
Pikku Dot flour sack-style note card, $8
Tulip Kitchen Mitt, $24
Tulip Kitchen Mitt, $24

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