Minneapolis Retail Tour – Part One

Budget tightening meant that one of our spring trend trips was cancelled this year. So, in an attempt to brew some lemonade out of those lemons, we decided to embark on a 2-day intensive shopping excursion in our own back yard; treating the experience just as we would if we were actually exploring a new, uncharted city. So with those fresh eyes, we took to the streets of Minneapolis on a voyage of discovery. While we made space to check out the “usual suspects”, we also ventured off the beaten path to new shops and places we don’t ordinarily go. I must say, the experience proved totally inspiring and reminded me what an incredibly vibrant retail scene we have right here!

Mpls_MN Mpls_Mood 1 Mpls_Mood 2 Mpls_Mood 3 Mpls_Mood 4 Mpls_Mood 5 Mpls_Mood 6 Mpls_Mood 7 Dining Mpls_Mood 8 graphic prints Mpls_Mood 9 Botantical Mpls_Mood 10 Pattern play Mpls_Mood 11 Pots Mpls_Mood 12 Caning Mpls_Mood 13 Vibrant Mpls_Mood 14 Wood Mpls_Mood 15 Text

4 thoughts on “Minneapolis Retail Tour – Part One

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    1. Thank you – looking forward to it! And to seeing you sometime in the very near future missy! I’ve been on the road nonstop – have some downtime EO April. You around?

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