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In my book, the best Valentine’s Day gifts start as a cocoa plant, and morph into something sinfully decadent at the hands of master chocolatiers with the wisdom to hire extraordinary packaging designers.


Casa Bosques, Mexico City

Old Faithful Shop - Smoked Chocolate Chips, $17.95

Old Faithful Shop – Smoked Chocolate Chips, $17.95

Dandelion Chocolate, $8

Dandelion Chocolate, San Francisco, $8

San Churro Real Chocolate

San Churro Real Chocolate, Australia

Melt Chocolate Bars, £7.20

Melt Chocolate Bars, London, £7.20

Mast Brothers' Chocolate, $10

Mast Brothers’ Chocolate, Brooklyn, $10

Honest Chocolate

Honest Chocolate, South Africa

Olive & Sinclair, $6.99

Olive & Sinclair, Nashville, $6.99

Fine and Raw, Brooklyn, $11

Fine and Raw, Brooklyn, $11


Mariebelle, NYC, $6

Askinosie Chocolate dark chocolate gift set, $99

Askinosie Chocolate, Springfield, Missouri, dark chocolate gift set, $99