Autumn Winter 2014-2015 Trends from Spin Expo

Spin Expo is a tri-annual, yarns, fabrics and knitwear trade fair that takes place in Shanghai and NYC. They’ve also become known for creating very seductive, albeit quite heady, trend forecasts. “Interactions” is their theme unifying the color and fashion trends they’ve identified for the upcoming Autumn Winter 2014-2015 season.

SPINEXPO-AW-14-15 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-01 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-02 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-03 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-04 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-05 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-06 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-07 SPINEXPO-AW-14-15-08

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