Fall Winter 2014-2015 Trend Forecast from Patternbank


Love this look towards trends for autumn/winter 2014-2015 by Patternbank, a global trend forecasting company based in the UK. They deliver innovative (and typically spot-on) forecasts, but my favorite thing about them is how incredibly affordable they are! £20 for a digital download makes them a fabulous resource, especially for freelancers. These totally inspiring print and graphics forecasts may have their roots in women’s fashion, but are also applicable in home and giftware categories as well. I’m only sharing a little teaser today – you can get the full report by clicking on any image below.

autumn-winter-2014-15-2-print-trend-report-4 autumn-winter-2014-15-3-print-trend-report-2 autumn-winter-2014-15-print-trend-report-2 autumn-winter-2014-2015-print-trend-report-3 autumn-winter-2014-2015-z autumn-winter-2014-2015-zz

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