Chontos in Color

Heather Chontos Logo

Enough already with all the black and white and halloween-themed etceteras. It’s time for a jubilant burst of color! Today’s work is by Heather Chontos, a designer, artist and prop stylist who called both London and New York City home before settling in Missoula, Montana. She creates unique, hand-painted tabletop home goods (as well as fine art) that exude an irreverent attitude, busrting with joy. It’s inspiring to see such enthusiastic designs livening up the modern home. Due to the hand-crafted nature of her work, not all designs pictured are available for sale; current products can be purchased on-line through her website, Milk Farm Road.

0x400-1 0x400-2 0x400-3 0x400-4 0x400-5 0x400-6 0x400-7 Heather painting spoons and jars tele: 512-923-8811 A120730_HeatherChontos_Montana_109207 0x400-9 0x400-10 0x400-11 0x400-12 0x400-13 0x400-14 0x400

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