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In honor of black Friday, some pottery in black and white by Half Light Honey Studio. Artist Samantha Carter creates these small vessels by hand from her studio in the foothills of Western North Carolina. At just 4″, these stunning ceramics are perfect for nestling succulents while still making a design impact. All pots run between $27-32 US. (As always, click to shop!)

HLHS Hanging Pot_1 HLHS Hanging Pot_2 HLHS Hanging Pot_3 HLHS Hanging Pot_4 HLHS Pot_1 detail HLHS Pot_1 HLHS Pot_2

Today’s Track – Thanksgiving Theme, Vince Guaraldi Trio

Hope everyone is enjoying a fun, relaxing & delicious Thanksgiving, surrounded by your favorite people. Thanksgiving Theme by Vince Guaraldi Trio from the album Charlie Brown Holiday Hits, 1998.

CB Holiday Vince

Love That Accent!

I’m a big fan of entertaining during the holidays. It’s fun to crowd the house with friends and family and get in a seasonal spirit. Thing is, I find that my home isn’t necessarily tricked out properly. Case in point: nowhere handy for revelers to set their drinks and appetizer plates. So I’m on a mission to collect lovely little accent tables that can easily be moved around when needed – and tucked away in a corner when they’re not. PLus, many of these double as seating in a pinch. (As always, click to shop!)

Carina Stool - $499
Carina Stool – $499
Tam Tam Copper Stool - $77
Tam Tam Copper Stool – $77
Wood Stool by Alma Allen for Totokaela
Wood Stool by Alma Allen for Totokaela
Facet Gold Garden Stool, $149
Facet Gold Garden Stool, $149
Sally Stool from Target - $49.50
Sally Stool from Target – $49.50
Blu Dot Turn Tall Side Table - $349
Blu Dot Turn Tall Side Table – $349
Regina Andrew Drum Table, $497.50
Regina Andrew Drum Table, $497.50
Textured Chrome Ceramic Stool - $299
Textured Chrome Ceramic Stool – $299
Monte End Table
Monte End Table
Woven Rattan Stool - $230
Woven Rattan Stool – $230
West Elm Martini Side Table - $149
West Elm Martini Side Table – $149
CB2 Discus Aqua Side table - $79.95
CB2 Discus Aqua Side table – $79.95

Fall Winter 2014-15 Color Trends from Fashion Snoops

Fashion Snoops logo

Inspiring colors from Fashion Snoops, a global resource for style-related insights into the fashion industry. Today I’m sharing the top 10 color trends they’re forecasting in womenswear for the 2014-2015 Autumn/Winter season.

“For Fall / Winter 2014-15 we’ve divided our women’s colors into families by tones, including Soft, Bright, Neutral, Jewel and Metallic. Jewel Tones become the most influential by far, with highlights including several red options from cranberry to crimson, along with honey mustard and cooler shades of teal, orchid and cobalt. Also influential are the Soft Tones, which rely primarily upon pastel shades like dusty rose, while neutrals like peachy nude are also present. The Brights, which have been so popular in recent seasons, are scaled back, while prerequisite pops of blood orange compliment cobalt. A wide range of Neutrals zero in on toffee as a favorite.”

Interested in purchasing the full report? Click HERE.


Images courtesy of WeConnectFashion, an awesome company that helps fashion companies succeed through business networking, market research & fashion industry know-how.

Blood Orange
Blood Orange
Dusty Rose
Honey Mustard
Peachy Nude

Fun Friday Fare

I warned you I’m in a mood, right? Today, I wanna take in stuff that’s irreverent, absurd and smart – in a hipster millennial kinda way. You know; have a giggle and allow myself the freedom – and luxury – to be silly. Very silly. This series of videos (the original and the retorts) hit the spot. Enjoy & have a GREAT weekend, everyone!

Today’s Track – Right Here, SWV

I’m feeling kinda dorky today (this is not an unusual state for me, as many of you have come to know). I need some frivolous fun; some giggles; general silliness. The urge to dance around my office like a free-spirited teenybopper is overwhelming. Unrequited, but there nonetheless. Thought this track might do the trick. Right Here by SWV from the album It’s About Time, 1992.


Out Of (this world) Print.


One of the first brands I came to know and love through the wonders of Etsy is The Big Harumph. They create understated yet playful letterpress posters and linocut prints out of their studio; a converted church near the train tracks in the dodgy bits of Wichita, KS. Every linoleum block print is hand-carved, hand-pressed original; most on 100% cotton Lettra paper. Letterpress prints are pressed from antique typography blocks. There’s a brilliant sense of humor here and a courage in the directness of the work that I adore. (As always, click to shop!)

8" x 10" Geo Print, $22
8″ x 10″ Geo Print, $22
8" x 10" 30 Dots Pink, $22
8″ x 10″ 30 Dots Pink, $22
8" x 10" Small Acts Print, $22
8″ x 10″ Small Acts Print, $22
8" x 10" Today Print, $22
8″ x 10″ Today Print, $22
8" x 10" Succulent Print, $22
8″ x 10″ Succulent Print, $22
8" x 1-" MidCentury Circles Print, $22
8″ x 10″ MidCentury Circles Print, $22
8" x 10" Geo Print, $22
8″ x 10″ Geo Print, $22
8" x 10" Imagination Print, $22
8″ x 10″ Imagination Print, $22
8" x 10" Badass Print, $22
8″ x 10″ Badass Print, $22
8" x 10" Te Amo Print, $22
8″ x 10″ Te Amo Print, $22

Fall Winter 2014-015 Color Trends from CSI

CSI logo

Color Solutions International (CSI) is a division of the DyStar Group, (a leading provider of products and services for the global textile industry) that offers color standards and color communication tools for designers and manufacturers. Located in Charlotte NC, they offer insights on color trends for the fashion and home textiles industry. Today’s post showcases the fashion color trends they have forecasted for the Autumn / Winter 2014 – 2015 season in the intimates category.

“In our Fall / Winter 14/15 Intimates Inspirations we offer our view on the important key colors and color combinations for the season. The rich berry reds, forest green and emerald, with soft blues and contemporary greys, compose the folk art inspired palette of “Zima” (the Slavic word for “winter”). The colors of “Autumnal” are toned down and yet beautiful, carrying the dreamy feel and ambiguous atmosphere of the Art Nouveau style and design.  In “Needles & Pins” deep, saturated shades of blue and burgundy are accented with brights for a modern, edgy feel.  In “Pink All Over”, a palette of rich autumn colors with a splash of fuchsia and pink, speaks to our senses, bringing joy and excitement.”

1(6) 2(6) 3(4) 4(2)

Today’s Track – Spinning, Zero 7

I’m really trying to keep my head from spinning this week. A bit overwhelmed with the day job; the work-life balance scales have tipped so far in one direction that you could say they’ve toppled. So, a dose of chill from one of my favorite albums is totally in order. Spinning by Zero 7 from the album Simple Things, 2001.

Zero 7 Simple Things


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