Today’s Track – Don’t Have to be So Sad, Yo La Tengo

I’ve been getting my fair share of really, really long international flights lately. Even when they’re overnights, I’ve never manage to sleep on a plane… though not for lack of trying. (Pretty sure my subconscious mind goes something like: “Right-o. You’re not laying down properly, ergo thou shalt not slumber.”) Instead, I get “faux sleep”, in which I lull myself into a dreamy state of relaxation by strapping on my eye mask, wrapping up in a cozy pashmina and turning to my iPod for a perpetual shuffle of my “nighty night” play list. Here’s a tune from that list never fails to provide a tranquilizing escape. Don’t Have To Be So Sad by Yo La Tengo from the album Summer Sun, 2003.

Yo La Tengo Summer Sun

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