Today’s Track – Preparedness, The Bird and the Bee

I’m leaving in two days for a 2-week trip to Asia. Which has struck panic in my heart, as I’m so sure I’ll inconveniently forget something that’s imperative. Let’s be clear: by “imperative”, I simply mean something that would annoy me thoroughly to go without. It’s unlikely (yet not completely out of the question) that I’d depart without, say, a passport. No, my worries skew towards forgetting the perfect blouse for dinner (which I did forget to bring to Paris last month, and became a daily subject of remorse – much to the exasperation of my companions), or the gum I like, or that one pair of shoes I own that is actually reasonably comfortable. (Mock if you will, but trying to find a size 9 shoe in Asia is a fool’s errand.) Wish me luck, I’m off to pack. Preparedness by The Bird and the Bee from the album of the same name, 2006.

The Bird and the Bee Album Art

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