Darling Starlings

This may seem like some sort of wild CGI-meets-Alfred-Hitchcock kind of thing. But it’s not; I double checked and it’s totally legit (Thank you, Philippe Lavaux, for creating this mini film!). Yes, these are real birds, doing some sort of improbable sky dance over the Provence landscape. Apparently, this is a December-March ritual for the little birds, so I’ll miss it this trip… but it gives me a great excuse to come back. Oh, you may notice that there’s just a link below, rather than the embedded video; sucks, but it’s just as well; click and you’ll be taken to vimeo where you can watch it in HD, as it was meant to be viewed. I know that’s a drag, but just do it anyway. (Just in case you’re overwhelmed by the urge to geek out about this after watching, click HERE to learn more about the birds from the folks at the BBC) 

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