Go With The Flow

I’ve been thinking about intangible material needs. Yes, really. And how much I’d like to just be able to give someone a little courage. Or buy myself some contentedness. I know – it’s not that easy. And then I remembered FlowMarket by Mad Hagstrøm. Part absurd bit of cheek, part scrumptious art piece; these simple packages might not exactly be the answer, but they definitely start a conversation. Most products are available on the FlowMarket web site for $17.89; which seems steep for an empty can, but a bargain for good dose of inner peace. (As always, click to shop!)

Flowmarket_Courage to Fail Flowmarket_Empathy Flowmarket_Inner Piece Flowmarket_Jumble 1 Flowmarket_Soul Searching Flowmarket_to be me Flowmarket_Trust Flowmarket_Unconditional Love Flowmarket_Unselfish Motives Flowmarket_Z Flowmarket_Zad Flowmarket_Zed

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