Fall Winter 2014-2015 Textile Trends from MM Trends/Lenzing


Loving this cerebral look ahead by Austrian fiber manufacturer Lenzing and the brilliant folks at MM Trends. Here’s their take on textile trends for the 2014-2015 fall and winter seasons in both fashion and home.

AW14-15_CC_MMtrends3_000 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends4 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends5 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends6 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends7 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends8 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends9_000 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends10 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends11 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends12 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends13 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends14 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends15_000 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends16 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends17 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends18 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends19 AW14-15_CC_MMtrends20

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