Pretty Patterned Pavers

Sigh. Too little, too late. As you’ll recall, I went through an unplanned patio reinvention a few weeks ago brought on by the fact that I bought more furniture than would actually fit on our existing one. (Pointing out the fact that I could have simply returned some of the many, many pieces I decided I needed will fall on deaf ears. Trust me. People tried that astute form of reasoning. It didn’t take.) It was quite a to do, as they don’t make the original pavers anymore and I spend a goodly amount of time and effort finding suitable substitutes – you know, 4 of them here, another half dozen over there… And now, just as it’s all been completed and put to bed, I discovered the coolest patio blocks EVER! These “lace” blocks are created by Jethro Macey – a UK-based artist with a passion for 3D design. By mixing conventional materials with hi-tech surface design techniques, a repeating pattern is converted from lace into a three dimensional form using CNC milling and cast in concrete. These “small batch” tiles can be used for both interior and exterior walls and flooring. Available in white, grey and charcoal, each batch of tiles are handmade to order. Dimensions: Exterior tiles 30 x 30 x 3cm. Interior floor and walltiles 30 x 30 x 1.5cm.

jethro macey lace paving slabs_1

jethro macey lace paving slabs_2

jethro macey lace paving slabs_5

jethro macey lace paving slabs_7

jethro macey lace paving slabs_3

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